Second Nine Weeks Study Plan and Activities

Greetings, welcome back from a much needed break!

        First Things First!!!

cheekyYou need the following.  Make sure you have all materials before taking your seat.

  1. Literature book
  2. Writer's Choice
  3. Paper, Pen, Pencil
  4. Composition Book
  5. Spiral
  6. Plain white paper (several sheets)

       Let's get started with the Preliminaries:yes

  • Place your homework assignment to the right of your desk. This assignment was previously assigned before fall break (see your handout)
  • Turn in reading responses (smiley face sheet) for the second (2nd novel).
  • Quick Write:  See your handout
  • Choose:  1st, 2nd, 3rd club preference. Clubs will begin on November 4th


Reader's Workshop:    Informational Text: Answer these questions:  Who, what, when, where, why and how.  Then write a paragraph with the information found.

Grammar Assignment: Text:  Writer's Choice page 359 (read the information) and 360 (items 1-5 only). Write the sentence then write the correct response. Place parentheses around your answer.  Books cannot be taken from class.  Please do not sneak them out. We have only one classroom set of Writer's Choice. You will be assigned a book, but the book must remain in class for other students to use.  Example:  1.  Edgar Allan Poe was born in Boston in 1809. (declarative)

 Vocabulary Assignment: 8th Grade Vocabulary:  Draw It:  coherent order,

Writer's Workshop: Using the Six Traits for Writing Rubric, we will concentrate on "Ideas" as the first TRAIT in order to work with the rough draft of an analytical piece for a narrative we've written a plot structure for.