There are many things that you need to think about and prepare prior to leaving on this trip.

What do I need gather before I go?

  • Passport

  • Luggage

  • Backpack (carry on)

  • First-aid / Medicine kit

  • AT&T Phone cards

  • Check Card or Credit Card - We strongly suggest VISA.

  • Laundry Kit - Travel laundry line, laundry bag, and detergent

  • Sandals / Flip flops

  • Home dinner and Hospitality Gifts

  • Check out the list in your Explore Guide for more information and a complete packing list.


  • Your suitcase should have a handle, wheels, maneuver easily, and stand up right.  Each participant is limited to one large suitcase, weighing no more than 44 pounds and measuring no more than 54 inches (height + length + depth) and one carry-on bag weighing no more than 11 pounds and measuring no more than 39 inches.  (A school-sized backpack is best, as many overseas airlines do NOT allow standard U.S. carry-ons such as wheeled cases.) 

  • You must be able to care your own luggage, so keep it light and save room for souvenirs!


  • Use the packing list from your Explore Guide.

  • Check the packing list of clothing and other items you need to take with you in your suitcase and your carry-on bag.

  • Keep an extra luggage tag in your suitcase.

  • Don't take anything that can't be replaced.

  • Label all of your items.

  • Don't pack your jacket in you suitcase.  You might need it on your flight.

  • Keep an extra copy of your ID, itineraryt, and hotel list in your suitcase

  • Pack only clothes that you know you will wear.  Be sure that all are comfortable and travel well.

  • The best way to conserve space is to either roll your clothes (instead of folding) or use a space conserving travel bag.

  • Things that might leak or spill need to be sealed in a zip-lock bag.

  • Put all items in plastic bags in case screeners have to open your suitcase.

  • Take liquid detergent (such as Woolite), Shout wipes, and a travel clothesline so you can wash your clothes in your hotel bathroom.

  • Take several sizes of zipper baggies.

  • Pack valuables, medications, gifts, journal, one change of clothes, and things that can't be replaced easily in your carry-on bag.  Keep it with you at all times if possible.


  • Do not take a purse or carry a wallet in your back pocket.  You'll be begging for someone to pick your pockets.  Use a money belt or a travel wallet that hangs around your neck under your clothes.

  • Keep all money, health form, emergency information, and a copy of your passport in your money pouch.

  • Develop a budget with your parents.

  • Record your budget and what you spend in your journal.

  • Don't forget money for postcards and postage too.

  • Never leave your money/credit cards unattended (even in your own room).

  • Parents, make a copy (front and back) of your student's gift cards / check cards / credit cards to be sure to have all of the information before traveling

  • You need cash or a way to get cash (credit card or check card).

  • Keep at least $20 in US dollars on you for food at the airport on the way there and on the way home

  • Investigate the VISABUXX card.  It can be used like a credit card.  The card must be in the delegate's name or he/she will have problems using it.

  • Make sure to check with your bank, credit card company, etc. about daily and weekly spending limits.  You don't want to be stuck overseas without any cash.


  • Keep all medication in its original bottle/packaging.

  • You must have a first aid kit for yourself that includes bandages, pain medication, allergy medication, stomach ache medication, anti-motion sickness medicaiton, hand sanitizer, and bug repellent.

  • Delegates that might not have allergies here, could possibly have troubles in another country.