Video Resources

Below are links to YouTube, TeacherTube, Vimo, etc. Most links will bring the video up in a new window via the SafeYoutube service. This eliminates ads and also allows your classroom to watch videos without the related videos or comments displayed at the bottom of each page.


Videos are linked with the following disclaimer: If you find a video of your personal content that has been uploaded to a hosting site without your permission, I will gladly remove the link. In addition, it is your responsibility as an educator to preview videos in their entirety before showing them to your students. Make sure you understand your district's video viewing policy before adding any online resources to your lesson plans. These links are provided for your planning and research purposes, not because they are a part of some super, special awesome peer-reviewed currirulum. I am not liable for any consequences you may reap from showing any sort of online content to your students. Have a pleasant day :)



George Meets the Orchestra: George, an elementary-age student, visits the Sydney Youth Orchestra

Backstage With Bleekie: Bleekie the puppet takes a backstage tour of many instruments while preparing to listen to Britten's Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra

Simon the Sound Man: Classic Sesame Street short featuring Simon the Sound Man as he tries to purchase a trumpet

Wintergaten: The viral marble machine video 

Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra: The full 20-minute piece performed by the BBC Orchestra

Ennio Morricone – Theramin & Voice: (3 Minutes)

Cup Rhythms: (2 Minutes)

Sesame Street Rocks the 80s: (6 Minutes)

Hoots the Owl & John Legend: (3 Minutes)

Jimmy Fallon & the Roots Sing Sesame Street (2 Minutes)

Britten’s A Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra (20 Minutes; you need to start around 4:30)

Johnny Cash & Biff: (3 Minutes)

Be Part of the Band (14 Minutes)

Let It Go Sax Quartet (4 Minutes)

The Tonight Show: Jimmy Fallon and Billy Joel iPad Looping

The Tonight Show: Adam Levine & the Wheel of Musical Impressions


No Prep Video Links

If you purchased No Prep Activities for Elementary Music, these are a few of the links included in the product. Purchase the activity packet for worksheets.

Rhythm Basics: Focuses on Ta and Ti-Ti

How Notes and Beats Go Together: From Minnesota Public Radio; symbols and beats in 4/4 time

Rests: Sometimes Silence is Music

Reading a Score: From Minnesota Public Radio; reading a score

What Does a Conductor Do? From Minnesota Public Radio


Dance Tutorials


Trolls: Can't Stop the Feeling: Dance like a troll, guided by 2 students (GoNoOdle)

Dance Your Ducktails Off: Dance to the Ducktails Theme (GoNoOdle)

Baby Shark: The hit meme from Pingfong

Biddy Bum: For younger grades, two birds teach the Biddy Bum folk song with motions

Gobble Gobble Turkey Wobble: Koo Koo Kangaroo with a upbeat movement activity

Just Dance - Whip & Nae Nae: Guided dance from Just Dance Game


Spelling/Reading Through Music

The Swamp Alphabet: Kermit lists his words for the alphabet.

The ZZ Blues: Remember ZZ Top? Sesame Street remembers.



Perry 8th Graders: Cyclone (3 Min)

Perry 8th Graders: Wild Westerns: (4 Min)

Perry HS Band: Strange Humors (6 Min)

Perry HS Band: Arabesque (6 Min)

Perry HS Marching Band - The Beatles: (12 Minutes)

Perry HS Marching Band - Rock Art: (10 Min)

Perry HS Marching Band - Summer of the 60s

Perry HS Marching Band - West Side Story

Perry HS Marching Band - Queen



Don Music - Mary Had a Little Lamb: Don tries to find a rhyme for "snow"

Don Music - Yankee Doodle: Don and Kermit debate whether someone would really put macaroni in a pot

Don Music - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star: Breaking news! Don still cannot find a rhyme for "high". Could it be pie? Fly? Details at 11:00.

Don Music - Row, Row, Row Your Boat: Drive, Drive, Drive Your Car



Dog and Frog AB Pattern: 45 Second pattern for visualizing AB patterns

Quilt Patterns: Tessellations set to Banjo

Circles: Phillip Glass accompanies a classic circle/color pattern video

Lines & Dots: Solve the mystery of the lines and dots on the street


Boom Whacker Play Alongs

Musication - Africa (Toto)

Musication - Skeleton Dance

Musication - How Far I'll Go (Moana)

Musication - Deteggtive Anderson Level 3

Musication - Deteggtive Anderson Level 4

Musication - Rolling in the Deep

Musication - Pirates of the Carribean

Musication -Waltz of the Flowers

Musication - Happy Birthday

Musication - Sunny

Musication - The Imperial March

Musication - Popcorn

Musication - Banana Phone

Musication - Day-O

Musication - Rio

Musication- In the Hall of the Mountain King

Musication In the Hall of the Mountain King - NEW


Percussion Play Alongs

William Tell Overture

Russian Trepak

Sylvia Pizzacato