Sub Plans

Sub Plans 10/29/19

Thank you for subbing today! I hope these links work for you! If you find one that no longer works, please let me know and I will update the list.


Kindergarten/2nd Grade Moving Activities

Pete the Octopus (You can just play this, multiple times. Kindergarten knows how to move fast and slow.)

Ring Around the Pumpkins (Students jump on "boo", sit down and pretend to be the characters in the song.)

Can't Stop the Feeling - Trolls (GoNoodle)

Duck Tails - (Go Noodle)

Baby Shark - Pink Fong


Kindergarten/2nd Grade Watching/Time Fillers

George Meets the Orchestra

Yo Yo Ma and Nicholas Ma - Mr. Rogers & the Cello

Johnny Cash - 5 Feet High and Rising (Sesame Street)

Simon the Sound Man - Sesame Street

Veggie Tales, Silly Songs with Larry (I Love My Lips)

Veggie Tales, Silly Songs with Larry (Dance of the Cucumber)

Wintergatan - Marble Machine

The Ecstacy of Gold - Theramin


5th Grade Program Links

Winter Fun

Sing a Song of Winter


Performance Groups

Ohio State Marching Band - Go to the Movies!

Perry Marching Band 2018 -  Summer of the 60s

Perry Marching Band 2017 - The Beatles