The Process

Step 1: Researching for Inventions

On your own or with a partner, think about things that have been invented over the last 2000 years by Earthlings.  Which of these things would be great contributions to Zozon?  Choose a topic: communication, medicine, transportation, food, or clothing.  Lightly research several inventions under this topic.  Upon researching, choose 5 inventions under your topic that you feel are important.

1) Where do I find the information?

Try these web sites:

Enchanted Learning

Technology and Inventions

Famous Inventions

Timeline of Inventions

American Inventors and Inventions
Australian Inventions

2) What do I do with my information?

Write down any information you feel is important.

Step 2: Team Work

1) Join with others that are researching inventions from the same topic you are researching.  Convince the other members of the team that your invention is important to take back to Zozon.  

2) Your leader on Zozon has just informed you that you can only choose 3 inventions to be taken back to Planet Zozon.  As a team, you need to decide on the criteria that you will use to narrow down your 3 choices.  What should your invention be able to do in order to take it back to Zozon?

Step 3: Reseaching Specific Inventions

Once your top 3 inventions are chosen, you will need to decide who will be responsible for researching, designing the display, and presenting that particular invention.  

Step 4: Make Your Display

Now that you have decided who will be responsible for each invention, you will create a visual display using construction paper or posterboard.  The display will need to include the following:

1)A picture of the invention

2) Who created the invention?

3) When was your invention created?

4) What is your invention used for?

5) Why was the invention created?

6) You must also have the topic these inventions fall under labeled on your poster

Step 5: Presentation

Your presentation should give as much information as possible and have solid reasons that support your decisions about your top 3 inventions.  You should discuss the criteria you used to pick your top 3 inventions and your presentation should stick to the topic and flow smoothly.