Fifth Grade Class News

Welcome to Woodville's Fifth Grade Webpage! We hope this site helps you stay current with what is happening in your child's class.

2nd 9 weeks Learning Goals:

Reading:Students will understand spelling patterns, recognize base words and construct meaning from familiar words. In addition, students will determine main idea through inferring, paraphrasing, summarizing and identifying details. Our current unit is “Energy at Work”. In this unit we will learn about tornadoes, electromagnetism,  wind power, and the energy involved in food chains and webs.

Science:  Pass 9 gizmos, (18 gizmos in all by the end of December) ,complete science fair project

 Math: To use the order of operations and the properties of equality to solve real world situations.Also, to construct and analyze line graphs and  double bar graphs.

Homework Policy:

Parents need to initial student's agenda Monday through Friday indicating you have seen assigned homework and any notes from the teacher.

Math, Reading and Science homework is given daily.  Please check the agenda to see what the assigned homework is each night.

Parent Conferences:

We are available for conferences between 8:00 and 8:15. We require 24 hours notice to prepare for your conference.

Contact Info:

Melissa Auter:  (Math teacher)

Virginia Prestia: (Reading/Social Studies teacher)

Sandra Pickel: (Science/Writing teacher)

School phone number: 487-7043

Grading Policy:

90% Tests/Benchmark fluency

10% Classwork/Homework

Upcoming Events:

September 28th, the first installment of $25.00 is due for the end of the year trip to Sea World.

November 30th, the second installment of $25.00 is due for the end of the year trip to Sea World