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This includes the regular inflation and rotation check. One type of engine maintenance is the tune-up. This will guarantee that a vehicle, no matter how old it is, will be capable of delivering stellar performance and fuel efficiency at all times . Having the brakes checked is also important since this component is responsible for giving the vehicle the stopping power it needs. Tire rotation should also be done to keep the rubber from threading and hampering the cars braking and steering capabilities. Any flaw or damage that these parts may have can cause a dip in both the vehicles performance and fuel economy. Regular oil change and inspection of all fluid levels is recommended for a vehicle that has gone at least 3,000 miles. Dirty filters can diminish fuel efficiency because these filters will be unable to take in air, causing the engine to eat up more gas. Another way to save fuel is to have the tires checked for damage. Aside from that, regular maintenance also helps a car to save on gas by improving its gas mileage.Engine maintenance is as important as maintaining ones health. Another type involves the checking of the cars fluid levels and oil. Since the engine is responsible for providing a vehicle with the power Non-standard Fastener it needs to operate, it should be looked into on a regular basis to extend its lifespan and prevent the quality of its performance from deteriorating quickly. Car filters should also be looked into since dirt build-up can cause a dip in performance and increase fuel consumption. Just like a physical, a tune-up is done by a mechanic who checks the quality of the following systems and components of the car: its battery, spark plugs, starting systems, mechanical parts, fuel system, ignition and emissions. Since performance and fuel efficiency are important, the following types of engine maintenance work should be done on a regular basis to make sure that the engine gets to save gas, stay in shape and perform well at all times. Tires that have the right amount of tire pressure not only help save fuel but also help prevent tire wear. This type of routine check-up is done to ensure that the parts mentioned above are functioning properly. This will ensure that the car gets to save gas and achieve optimum performance. Since the objective is to save gas, regular engine maintenance should be done.