Ms. Vail's Site



As a teacher, I believe that a student will be more successful in their academics if there is effective communication between school and home. By creating this website I hope to make school information more accessible to parents.  

Students should be bringing their passports home every day with information including what we did in class that day and any daily work that may have been assigned.  I understand that 6th graders may not always bring these planners home, so this site can serve as a back-up strategy for staying on top of daily work.  I have included a section where I will post daily assignments-make sure that you look under the correct class hour! This is especially helpful if your child is absent from school. (If we are completing a project in class, I will also post to the Projects section any directions or descriptions for your viewing. )

I also understand that it has been a while since most of us have taken 6th grade math, and there will be times when your student needs help completing their homework.  For these reasons, I have included a Math Help section on this website.  Hopefully this will enable parents/family members to better aid students.
If there are any announcements or general pieces of information from the school or Roosevelt House, I will post these to the Announcements and Information page to keep you updated.  You can also find a copy of schedule times on this page, along with other Roosevelt House email addresses.
  The Contact Me section has all of my contact information, so that you are able to ask questions or update me on any information you think I should know. Please also feel free to provide any website suggestions you have for me.


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