Math Daily Work

**6/3 Class 2 and 4 your final copy of your autobiography is due Monday! Class 3 your final copy of your autobiography is due Tuesday! 

**5/24 Class 2, 3, 4 Chapter 5 test is tomorrow- your notebook is due for chapter five as well. Class 5 p.282 #60-71 

**5/23 Class 2, 3, 4 notebooks are due Wednesday! Class 5- p. #2-24 even

**5/19 Class 2- p. 282 #60-71 as fractions, decimals AND percents. Class 3 and 4 finish the decimal, fraction, percent chart in your notebook for tomorrow.

**5/11 Parent letters went home today with students' MAP scores and home report grades. These need tobe signed and brought back to school tomorrow. Class 5 you also have p. 283 #1-8 and 11-19


There is a math meeting for parents on Thursday May 12, 2011 at 6:00PM in McKinley's Library.  There, we will talk about math summer school offerings as well as recommendations for next year.



**5/9 Class 2, 3, 4 p. 283 #1-19 review, Class 5 p. 252 #12-26 even

**5/6 Class 5  p.245 #9-11, 18-21 

 **5/5 Class 2, 3, 4 p. 252 #12-26 even

*****MANY students have yet to turn in their math notebook. These are due at the end of every chapter and are worth a test grade. (You could get an A on a test grade very easily by completing your notebook!!!!!) Mid-Quarter for Quarter 4 is the Friday we come back from break, make sure that your notebook is turned in at the latests Monday May 3rd.*****


In the last few days, Classes have had the following assignments:

  • p. 323 #1-25 odd (Classes 2, 3, 4, 5)
  • P.233 #26-50 even, 67-69 (Classes 2, 3, 4)
  • P. 238 A: #1-4, 15-17, 26-27; B: #11-16, 19-21, 28-31; C: 12-17, 20-23, 32-37 (Classes 2, 4)


**4/13  Notebooks are now late for Classes 2, 3, and 4- get these done as soon as possible.  Class 5- we have our test tomorrow over chapter 4 and your notebook will be due. 

**4/12 Class 2, 4 We took our chapter 4 test today and notebooks are now late! Class 3 we have our test tomorrow on chapter 4 and your notebooks will be due as well. Class 5 p. 219 pick any 14 problems for review 

**4/11 Class 2, 4 Chapter 4 test tomorrow, your notebook will also be due Class 3 make sure you are working on your chapter four notebook Class 5 p. 209 A level- #1, 2, 6-14, 34, 38  B-level- #1, 2, 11-16, 26, 35-38     C-level- #1, 2, 12-17, 26-27, 39, 45, 50 

**4/8 Class 2, 3, 4, 5 Make sure your notebook is up to date for chapter four- it will be due next week when you have your test. Class 3 p. 219 pick 14 review problems to complete

**4/7 Class 2, 3, 4 p. 219 Pick 14 problems to complete as a review for our chapter 4 test.  Class 5 p. 205 #1-23 odd, 36

**4/6 Class 2, 3, 4 p. 209 A level- #1, 2, 6-14, 34, 38  B-level- #1, 2, 11-16, 26, 35-38     C-level- #1, 2, 12-17, 26-27, 39, 45, 50

**4/5 Class 2, 3, 4 p. 205 #1-23 odd, 36   Class 5 p. 200 #16-18, 42-43, 47-49, 55

**4/1 Class 3, 4 p. 200 #16-18, 42-43, 47-49, 55  Class 5 p. 195 #1, 2, 3-13 odd, 20, 44, 46

**3/31 Class 2  p. 195 #7-10, p. 200 # 16-18, 42, 43, 47-49, 55

**3/20 Class 5 p. 188 A-level- #1-7, 15-27 odd, 45-48   B-level- #1-4, 23-25, 45-48, 55-57   C-level- #1-4, 27-37 odd, 55-57, 60-62 

**3/25 Class 5 p. 183 A-level- #6-22 even, 39-41  B-level- #14-30 even, 42, 43  C-level- 18-38 even, 43, 47, 48  

**3/24 Class 2, 3, 4 p. 188 A-level- #1-7, 15-27 odd, 45-48   B-level- #1-4, 23-25, 45-48, 55-57   C-level- #1-4, 27-37 odd, 55-57, 60-62 

**3/23 Class 2, 3, 4 p. 183 A-level- #6-22 even, 39-41  B-level- #14-30 even, 42, 43  C-level- 18-38 even, 43, 47, 48 

********************All assignments from here and up are considered 4th quarter assignments.********************************** 

** The end of quarter 3 is this Friday, which means this week is the last week for all late and missing assignments to be turned in. Most importantly, chapter 3 notebooks need to be completed and turned in- these are worth a test grade! 

**3/22 No new homework tonight-  Class 5-  make sure you are ready for your presentations tomorrow!

**3/21 Class 2, 3, 4 p. 177 B level- #1, 2, 12-16, 25-29  C level- #25-29, 32-35, 42, 43, 50 

Class 5- p.171 B level- #1, 8-11, 18-25, 30-32, 36   C level- #1, 8-11, 18-21, 25-27, 35-38

**3/16  Class 2, 3, 4  p.171 B level- #1, 8-11, 18-25, 30-32, 36   C level- #1, 8-11, 18-21, 25-27, 35-38 

**3/14 Happy Pi Day!! Ask your students what Pi is, and they should be able to tell you! Classes 2, 3, and 4 need to be ready to present their projects on Wednesday/Thursday of this week. 

**3/7 Classes 2, 3, 4  you have the chapter 3 test tomorrow and your notebook is due tomorrow! Class 5 p. 161 choose 14 problems that you need extra practice on before the chapter 3 test. 

**3/4 Classes 2, 3, 4 You have the chapter 3 test on Tuesday, which means your math notebook is due on this day as well! Class 5 You have the chapter 3 test on Wednesday, which means your math notebook is due on this day, too! 

**3/2 Classes 2, 3, 4 The deadline for your newspaper project is TOMORROW! Make sure your project will be ready to turn in by the end of your class hour on Thursday. 

**3/1 Classes 2, 3, 4 choose one of the three levels to complete on p. 151 tonight:

A #1, 2, 11-14, 19, 21-22, 29-32 / B #1, 2, 17-21, 27-29, 38-41/ C #1, 2, 17-21, 30-35, 45-46

Class 5, Choose one of three levels to complete on p. 145 tonight

A: #16-19, 28-30, 34, 43-45/ B: #16-21, 28-32, 42/ C: #16-21, 28-29, 39-42, 49

**2/28 Classes 2, 3, 4  Choose one of the three levels to complete on page 145 tonight:

A: #16-19, 28-30, 34, 43-45/ B: #16-21, 28-32, 42/ C: #16-21, 28-29, 39-42, 49

** Get all late work in by the end of the week!! ** 

**2/22 Class 2 and 4 MAP testing today 

**2/18 All Classes- make sure the final copies of your paragraphs are done! 

2/14 Class 2 and 4- make sure you complete the final copy of your paragraph. Make sure someone takes the conclusion and introduction to complete as well.  Class 3 and 5 no new homework.

2/10 Class 2, 3, 4 make sure your rough draft of your personal paragraph is completed.  All Classes- make sure the final copy of your graph is compeleted. 

2/9 Make sure all final copies of graphs are completed and any late work is made up 

2/8 p. 140 A: #14-33, B: #22-39, C: 22-27, 38-44, 49, 51 

2/4 Finish the final copy of the graph you are responsible for in your group project over the weekend. You should use printer paper or graph paper and go over any pencil in pen, marker, or colored pencil. 

2/1, 2/2 Update your notebook's glossary for the rest of chapter 3. There are 6 sections  and you should already have 1-3 completed. 

1/28, 1/31 No new homework- late work (surveys and quiz journals) and update notebook through section 3 of chapter 3. 

1/27 No new homework- make sure your surveys, quiz journal, and notebook are completed! 

1/26  Class 2, 3, 4 You have a quiz tomorrow on sections 1, 2, and 3 of chapter 3. Your notebooks will be checked tomorrow to see if they are updated  HW: Late surveys and late quiz journal (parent letter), Class 5 Quiz journal (parent letter)

1/25 Class 2, 3, 4 LATE surveys and quiz journal (parent letter), Class 5 finish Quiz Review Worksheet 

1/24 Class 2, 3, 4 finish review work sheet for chapter 3 quiz; Class 5 finish p. 132 #5-35 odd and 51, 52

1/21 Class 2, 3, 4 p.132 #5-35 odd and 51, 52 

1/20 Class 5 finish practice C side of 3.2 WS for tomorrow, everyone should be getting their surveys completed! 

1/19 Class 2 and 4 surveys due tomorrow Class 3 and 5 surveys due Monday! 

1/18 Class 2, 3, 4 - 3.2 WS on metric lengths, Class 5- p.121 #2-26 even 

 1/14 All Classes- if your surveys are ready to be handed out, make sure your are gathering your information.  While there are some groups who do not have their copied surveys yet, the majority of the groups should be able to start collecting data this weekend.  These completed surveys will be due next week.

 1/12 Class 2 and 4 p. 121 #2-26 even (draw base ten blocks for 16-26 even), Class 3 p.121 #2-26 even 

1/10 Class 2, 3, 4 one person from each group is responsible for typing up their group's survey.  All late work must be done by Thursday January 13th!!!! This means homework, notebooks, journals, etc.

1/7 Class 5 needs to make sure their 5 questions for their assigned subtopic are completed.

1/6  Class 2, 3, 4 need to make sure that all 5 of their questions are written about their subtopic.

1/5 No new homework tonight! 

1/4 Students should be thinking about subtopics for the problem that their group decided on in class today.  This will help us when we go to write up survey questions tomorrow. 

Over Break-  All students should be having parents sign a letter home (2, 3, and 4 have their portfolios to show off and class 5 has their test journal to share)  Many students did not turn in notebooks or need to redo those. I did send home letters to those who did not complete their notebook. Please make sure these are completed over break. We will be starting our Unit project when we return from break, so be brainstorming problems here at McKinley to do research on! 

12/20 All classes should have notebooks turned in.  They are now late. Make sure you get these done- they count as a test grade!! Class 2, 3, and 4  make sure your portfolio letters are completed. 

12/17 Class 2, 3, and 4 need to finish their portfolio letters over the weekend.  Make sure notebooks are up to date, they are now late! Class 5 update those notebooks, they are due Monday!

12/15 Class 2 and 4 started their tests today, we will finish these tomorrow. Make sure your notebook is up to date! Class 3 we will start our chapter 2 tests tomorrow, make sure you get your journals signed and update your notebook.  Class 5 We are getting ready for our chapter 2 test, make sure that you choose 10 problems that you need practice on from the review worksheet handed out today and complete these tonight! 

12/14  Class 2 and 4- Chapter 2 Test tomorrow! Make sure your notebook is up to date and your parent letter is signed.  Class 3 our chapter 2 test is on Thursday. Make sure your notebook is up to date and your parent letter is signed.  Pick 10 practice problems from the review sheet given in class to complete as review for the test. Class 5 p. 101 #3-13 odd


12/10  Class 2 and 4- you need to make sure that your notebook has been updated through section 8, also make sure that you are thinking of ideas for your rap! Class 3 p. 101 #3-13 odd, Class 5 p. 95 #1-3, 10-16

12/9 Class 2 and 4 you have 2.8 challenge WS to do tonight- for the first set of 1-6, pick 2 from 1-4, and one from 5-6, then complete all of the second set of 1-6, Class 3- p.95 #1-3, 10-16, 22-24 on circle graphs (a lot of time was given to complete this in class, so you should be pretty close to being done!), Class 5 NHW!

12/8 All classes need to make sure they are getting in any late work! Class 2 and 4 get your graphing (Yipee!/Listen up!) activity done for tomorrow- do the best you can! Class 5- on the other side of the graph paper given to you in class, finish a line graph of number 28 on page 92 using a broken scale (the zigzag!), Class 3- NHW make sure you turned in your parent letter about the requiz with a parent signature 

12/7 Class 2 and 4 Your graphing (Yipee!) activity is due on Thursday- try and get as much done as you can without becoming TOTALLY frustrated! Due tomorrow is page 95 #1-3, and 10-16; Class 3- Your parent letter should have been signed last night (we wrote these in class so they should already be written!), we have our chapter 2 requiz tomorrow, so be ready!; Class 5-p. 90 #1-14 using the coordinate grid paper you were given in class 

12/6 Class 2 and 4- Finish 2.6 Challenge Line Graph sheet started in class with your partner, Class 3- Finish p.111 #1-6 and 11, get parent signatures on journal for re-quiz finished in class, we will start our re-quiz tomorrow (or Wednesday if we run out of time reviewing tomorrow), Class 5- Finish 2.5 Practice. You should have a single bar graph, double bar graph, and answer questions 5-8

12/2 Class 3 p. 90 #1-14 

12/1  Classes 2, 3, 4 need to finish their double bar graph that we started in class. The data table is on p. 84 under "guided practice".  Class 5 needs to study for their chapter 2 quiz tomorrow.

11/30 Problem Solving Projects are late!!! Make sure these are done! All classes need to make sure that they have updated their glossary and key concepts up through section 4! Class 2, 3, 4 make sure you turn in those parent letters (they are now a day late) 

11/29 Class 2, 3, 4 have a journal to finish and get signed tonight. The chapter 2 quiz covering sections 1-4 is tomorrow.  Class 5  needs to use the data they collected in class to create a frequency table and line plot. 

11/22 Classes 2, 3, 4 need to use the data collected in class to create a frequency table and line plot. All classes need to make sure their problem solving project is finished over break if it hasn't been turned in already- these are late! 

11/19 Problem solving projects are LATE. (These are your skit, comic strip, rap, song, poem, short story, etc about the problem solving process) Get these in as soon as possible. 

11/17 Complete 2.3 Worksheet on scale. Everyone must complete the front side (class 5 only needs to complete #1-8), challenge side is optional but will count for an extra assignment credit! 

***** You should so far have vocabulary words from sections 1, 2, and 3 in your glossary. You should have examples 1, 2, and 5 from section 1 in your key concepts, as well as examples 1-4 from section 2. 

11/8 All classes need to continue to work on their problem solving process project (comic strip, poem, song, rap, short story, etc); Copy your vocabulary from chapter 2 section 1 into your glossary, and examples 1, 2, and 5 into your key concepts.

11/5 All classes need to finish their portfolio folders using their first names and math vocabulary words.  Classes 2, 3, 4 need to come up with a create way to show their understanding of the problem solving process i.e. song lyrics, rap, comic strip, short story, poem, etc. This is a rough draft so it can be done on loose leaf paper.

11/4 We worked on calculating our quarter one grade today in class and wrote up a parent letter for our 3rd journal.  These journals need to be signed by a parent/guardian and returned to school tomorrow. 

11/3 All late work needs to be in by tomorrow. Math notebooks, journals, and homework! Make sure you get these in!! 

10/27 We took our chapter one test today. Math notebooks and the second parent letter/signature were due today!

10/25 p. 43 #12-26- Choose three problem solving problems that are at your level- challenge yourself- take risks!! 

10/22  Make sure that your key concepts and glossary in your notebook are up to date. You should have all sections 1-7 copied into your notebook as a resource.  This will be collected after the chapter one test and graded as a test grade. 

10/21 p.31 #19-33 odd, p.37 #12-22 even. challenge problems 53 and 54 

10/18 Finish the parent letter and both you and your parent needs to sign it tonight.  Remember to include what the quiz will cover, what you are having problems with, how you can practice for the quiz, and what your parents can do to help you. 

10/15 Classes 2, 3, 4 p. 23 #1-15 odd, 32-36, Challenge: 44-49 

10/12 p. 17 #4-16 even, 41-44 for a challenge. Also copy vocabulary from section three into your glossary, and examples starting on p. 15 into your key concepts. 

10/11 All classes- p.13 from the section 2-25 choose 2 addition and 2 subtraction problems to estimate by rounding, 2 multiplication to estimate by leading digit, and 2 division to estimate by compatible numbers. Also complete #30-33. All should be done on loose leaf- circle problem numbers and box answers as you work vertically down the page.

10/8 All classes-Add the section 2 glossary and key concepts to your notebook. Section 2 starts on pg. 11 of your math book.

10/7 Classes 2, 3, and 4 need to finish the response questions on the Hitting the Target activity sheet from class today.  Class 5 needs to check over their p. 6 assignment for mistakes.

10/5 Today, Classes 2 and 3 had math MAP testing.  Class 4 needs to check over their assignment from yesterday (p. 6 #1-4, 5-27 odd) to see if they can now identify any mistakes that they made.   Class 5 needs to finish copying examples 2, 3, and 4 (starting on p.4 in their text book) into the key concepts section of their notebook. They should also complete p.6 #1-4 and 5-27 odd on loose leaf- remember to circle your problem numbers and box your answers as you work vertically down the page. Tomorrow Classes 4 and 5 will take their fall math MAP test.

10/4 Classes 2, 3, 4 Finish key concept examples 2, 3, 4 on p. 3-4 in the back of your notebook as modeled in class. Also complete p.6 #1-4 and 5-27 odd on loose leaf- remember to circle your problem numbers and box your answers as you work vertically down the page.

Class 5 finish glossary vocabulary words for section one (p. 3- Whole Number, Sum, Difference, Product, Quotient)

9/23 Finish the reflection on the back of the direction activity sheet we completed in class.  What was difficult? Were there any words you didn't know or were unsure of? What was time consuming about this activity? What mistakes did you make? What advice would you give to someone else completing this activity or tips would you remember for yourself in the future? 

9/20 All scavenger hunts should have been turned in by today.  We worked on this in class, and any questions not completed were to be finished at home.   We are currently working on a pre-assessment in class that will allow me to see what students currently know so that I am able to better meet their needs.  

 9/10 Make sure you bring a brown paper bag to cover books! Math letters need to be signed and returned if they haven't been already. Number game sheet was due 9/9. 

9/7/2010 Math class information sheets (green sheet) needs to be signed by both students and parents. The bottom section needs to be cut off and returned tomorrow! 




6/4 Make sure all math books are turned in. Don't forget to get parents/guardians to fill out the survey given to you in math today! 

6/2 6th and 7th hour p.325 #9-14 

6/1 6th and 7th hour p.324 #2-8    

5/27 6th hour p.297 #1-19 odd, 7th hour p.333 #1-19 odd 

5/24 3rd hour p.391 #2-20 even, 6th and 7th hour we have chapter 5 test tomorrow! 

5/21 6th and 7th hour finish your chapter 5 review if you did not finish in class today! 

5/14 Progress reports have been sent home today! Please get these signed and bring them back on Monday! 

5/6 3rd hour p. 298 #40-44 6th and 7th hour p. 256 #3-8   LATE WORK DUE TOMORROW

5/3 3rd hour needs to finish their chapter 6 pre-assessment if they have not already.  6th hour  has no new homework. 7th hour has p. 252 #1, 2, 17-20, 28, 39, 40 to do tonight with LCM 

4/26 3rd hour no new homework 6th hour p.238 1, 2, 11, 12, 15-17; 7th hour p.238 1, 2, 11, 12, 14-17

4/21 3rd hour finish outlining chapter 5 for tomorrow; 6th and 7th p. 233 #40-50 even

4/20 3rd hour p.273 #16-19, 27-30, 42, 43 6th hour p.232 #15-29 odd, 7th hour p.232 #14-21 

4/16 3rd hour p.269 #52, 53, 55  6th and 7th hour no homework- 7th hour be ready for your mini tests on Monday. 

4/15 3rd hour finish your inch measurements worksheet 6th and 7th hour no homework- turn in your review sheets. 

4/14 3rd hour finish pg. 263 #6-20 even; 6th and 7th hour finish your review sheets from both of your stations, otherwise complete your baseball project. 

4/13 6th and 7th hour complete the review sheets from your math stations. 3rd hour finish p.256 #3-5, 27, 28, 37, 38, 52 

4/1 no homework over break! Happy Easter- Enjoy Spring Break!! 

3/31 3rd hour has a quiz tomorrow 6th and 7th  took their test today 

3/30 3rd hour finish quiz review 6th and 7th hour  chapter 4 test tomorrow!!! 

3/29 3rd  no new homework, quiz on Thursday; 6th and 7th p.219 #5-17 odd; test on Wednesday 

3/26 No new homework, make sure you are studying for next week's quiz/test! 

3/25 3rd hour no homework 6th and 7th hour p.209 #12-17 due tomorrow -Get those missing assignments in !!! 

3/23 3rd, 6th, and 7th all late work due by THURSDAY!!!!! Then end of Quarter 3 is on Friday! Can you believe it? All chapter 4 test corrections are due tomorrow, and chapter 4 quizzes are due Thursday. 

3/22 6th and 7th hour p.205 #1-5, 9-14, 24-27; 3rd hour p.238 #3-17 odd, 20-24 Also correct and return tests by Wednesday; ** All hours but 6th received late work slips today, these assignments need to be in by Thursday 

3/18 3rd hour no homework; 6th and 7th no new homework. get chapter 3 tests corrected and turned in by tomorrow 

3/17 3rd hour finish problems assigned on p. 232; 6th and 7th p.200 #9-15 

3/16 3rd hour get those parent letters in! 6th and 7th hour finish 1-6 on the 4.5 Activity sheet, your test corrections for chapter 3 test are due by Thursday! 

3/15 3rd hour finish final copy of parent letter for chapter 4- What did you learn? What are your strengths and weaknesses? What are 2 real life connections to this chapter? Give two example problems and show how to solve 6th and 7th we had a quiz today!

3/12 3rd hour no homework; 6th and 7th hour quiz on Monday, make sure you study! 

3/11 3rd hour took chapter 4 test today; 6th and 7th  finish review given today in class if you did not finish 

3/10 3rd hour get in baseball project today!!! 6th and 7th  no homework 

3/9 3rd hour baseball project and review WS due tomorrow; 6th and 7th hour p.188 #18-21 

3/8 3rd hour needs to have their baseball project ready to be turned in by Wednesday; 6th hour has p.184 #22-25 due tomorrow; 7th hour has no hw 

3/4 3rd hour needs to complete question one from their real life: baseball project for MONDAY; 6th and 7th hour need to complete p.183 #9-12, 18-21, 26, 40, 42 

3/2 and 3/3 no new homework 

3/1 3rd hour pg. 205 #1, 2, 4, 5, 9-11, 15-17, 35, 36; 6th and 7th pg. 177 #11-20, 25-29, 30, 33, 34 

2/25 No new homework. Missing work was due today. Make sure 6th and 7th hour get progress reports signed! 

2/24 All classes, no new homework- get any missing assignments in TOMORROW!!! 6th and 7th hour get progress reports signed!

2/23 3rd hour missing assignment slips were given out today-missing work needs to be in by Thursday.   For tonight- p.200 #18-23, 31, 40, 41; 6th and 7th hour- p.171 #1, 8-11, 16-18, 25, make sure you get your progress reports signed  

2/22 3rd hour finish activity WS #12-16, get parent letter signed and tests corrected; 6th and 7th took chapter 3 test today, was given progress reports- needs to be signed, and missing work needs to be completed

2/19 Turn in corrected tests with parent signatures (3rd)/ turn in corrected quizzes (6th and 7th) 

2/18 MAP testing today. Make sure that your corrected quizzes and tests got handed in- if not, please hand in tomorrow to earn back points. 

2/17 Took quiz in third hour, corrected quizzes in 6th and 7th hour- These need to be finished tonight on looseleaf if they were not completed in class.  We have MAP testing tomorrow in all math classes, make sure to get to class on time, get plenty of rest tonight, and eat a good breakfast/lunch tomorrow! 

2/16 Study for test/ new homework! 

2/15 No new homework for any math class! 

2/11 3rd hour finish review problems for 4.2, 4.3, 4.4 from worksheets in class; 6th and 7th hour p.151 #3, 4, 7-10 

2/10 3rd hour no new homework, we will review for the quiz tomorrow; 6th hour p.145 #5-8, 21, 22, 24-26 7th hour p.145 #20-22, 23-26 

2/8 6th and 7th no homework- 3rd hour (If theses aren't the exact numbers, I will accept them as well..I left my sheet at school- Whoops!) p. 188 #1-3, 13-19, 30, 31, 37, 39, 43, 44

2/5 No new homework!!! 

2/4 3rd hour no new homework, 6th and 7th hour p.138 #1-4, 14-19, 32-34

2/3 3rd hour finish homework assigned in class from substitute; 6th and 7th hour no homework 

2/2 3rd hour p.178 #42-45 and 48,49; 6th and 7th hour no homework, quiz on Chapter 3 Sections 1-3 tomorrow!! 

2/1 Happy February! 3rd hour you have homework on p.177 #11-20, 25-29, 30, 32, 34 (I know some of this may be hard or confusing, try your best and we will go over it tomorrow in class!)  Hours 6 and 7 no homework tonight, but you will have a quiz on Wednesday, so make sure you study! 

1/29 3rd hour no homework; 6th and 7th hour p.132 #18-28 

1/28 3rd hour p.171 #8-11, 19-21, 26, 27, 35-37; 6th and 7th hour p.209 #6-11 

1/27 3rd hour final copy of parent letter due tomorrow; 6th and 7th hour no homework

 1/26 3rd hour finish math letter for parents; 6th and 7th hour no homework- progress reports need to be signed and returned 

 1/25 3rd hour no homework- Chapter 3 Test started today in class; 6th hour p.127 #1-6, 9-17; 7th hour p.127 #1-17

 1/21 and 1/22 No new homework- still waiting for progress reports and course selection sheets! 

1/20 3rd hour p.161 all numbers; 6th and 7th hour p.121 #1-27 odd; All Classes- get progress reports and course selection sheets signed! 

1/19 ALL CLASSES- get progress reports and course selections signed by parents/guardians 

1/14 3rd hour and 7th hour need to get their course selections approved by parents by TUESDAY 7th hour and 6th hour also need to get their progress reports signed by parents and return ASAP! 

1/13 3rd hour finish 1-12 of Brain Game 3.4 WS; 6th and 7th hour finish "Windmill Challenge" activity on pg. 117 in your textbooks. 

1/12 3rd hour finish brain game WS 1-8; 6th and 7th hour no homework 

1/8 No homework this weekend! Catch up on missing work! 

1/7 3rd hour:p. 145-147 # 16-19, 22-23, 28-29, 31, 43-46; 6th and 7th hour no homework. Finish correcting quizzes! 

1/6 3rd hour no homework; 6th and 7th hour finish correcting math quizzes if you did not finish in class. 

1/5 3rd hour: p. 139 #1-4, 12-14, 32, 36-41, 44, 47, 51, 60; 6th and 7th hours: p.111 #7-10, 13-16

 1/4: 3rd hour Decimal Comparison WS; Hours 6 and 7 No homework, get that late work in! 

Break Homework: No new homework, remember to get all late work done over break so we start the new year right!

 12/21 Finish late work!!!! Hour 3 needs to get their test and letter signed tonight!! 

12/16 Hour 3 p.125 #1-4 and 7-13  Hour 6 and 7 p.91 #26 a, c, d 

12/15 Hour 3  p. 121- 123 #1-4, 12-14, 26-27, 30-31, 38-39, 42-46, 51-54  Hours 6 and 7 p.91 #19-20, 28-29

12/14 Hour 3 no hw; Hours 6 and 7 p.90 #1-4 

12/11 Hour 3 finish Chapter 2 letter home; Hours 6 and 7 no homework

12/9 and 12/10 No new homework, get late work completed! 

12/8 All late work was handed out today, get that done ASAP!

12/4 Hour 3 finish correcting quizzes, finish p.111 #1-15 and 7 review in text book; Hours 6 and 7 finish quiz review packet started in class.

12/3 Hour 3 correct quizzes on loose leaf Hours 6 and 7 create your double bar graph using the information you collected in clase 

12/1 Hours 3 and 6 no homework; Hour 7 complete a frequency table and line plot for the data you collected in class from your classmates 

11/30 Hour 3 p. 95 #1-3. 7. 10-15. 28-30;  Hours 6 and 7 p. 78 #1-4, 7, 18-21

11/23 Hour 3 p.90 #1-6, 11-14, 19-20, 26, 27; Hour 6 finished #9 on Practice C Worksheet started in class; Hour 7 should finish completed #1-9 on Practice C Worksheet started in class! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! Hope everyone has a wonderful break Smile 

11/20 See homework from Thursday 

11/19 3rd hour needs to finish the WS used for our battle ship "brain game" by answering questions #1-22; 6th hour does not have homework;  7th hour  has homework on p.74 #1-4, 12-16, 18, 19, 22 

11/18 3rd hour needs to complete their double bar graph from the information collected in class; 6th hour has problems on p.74 #1, 4, 12-16, 18, 19, 21; 7th hour  has no homework tonight

11/17 3rd hour had a quiz today, so they do not have homework tonight. 6th hour does not have any homework. 7th hour needs to look over their assignment from last week on area and perimeter on p. 69 #25-28, 26,28, 29, 37, 42, 44, 46 

11/16 3rd hour- study for quiz tomorrow on Chapter 2 Sections 1-4; Hour 6- Workbook p.17 #4-7 on area and perimeter; 7th hour no homework due to speaker 

Ms. Vail has been out sick! I will hopefully be back to school on Monday- Check planners for any homework assigned! 

11/11 No homework tonight! 

11/10 3rd hour- Finish the frequency table and line plot from the guided practice at the bottom of p.77; 6th and 7th hour have p. 63 #9-12, 18, 20, 25-27, 35-39, 47, 49 

11/9 3rd hour- Practice C WS numbers 11-15 and the last column of the table dealing with the Hopper Car of a train;  no homework for 6th and 7th hour

11/6 Some progress reports were not returned, please make sure these get signed and brought in on Monday! 3rd hour had 12 minutes to finish homework in class today, if not completed, finish for Monday- p.74 #1, 4, 12-16, 18-23 6th and 7th need to finish correcting their tests if they did not finish in class.

11/5 Students received their progress reports today in math class, please sign and return these for Friday.  We are working on correcting tests in 6th and 7th hour, and 3rd hour was told to try  problem 6 on the challenge practice WS tonight.

11/4 3rd hour has #1-4 on the Challenge Practice WS for tonight, and corrected tests due Friday; 6th and 7th hour will begin correcting their tests tomorrow in class. 

11/3 3rd hour - Real life connection problem solving #1-6 WS, no hw for 6th and 7th 

11/2 No new homework tonight. We practiced some WKCE testing today, because tomorrow we start the actual test! Make sure to get plenty of sleep and to eat a good breakfast! 

10/28 No new homework. Please make sure all late work is done this weekend (check planners it should have been stapled in earlier this week) Enjoy the long weekend and Happy Halloween!! 

10/27 Hours 6 and 7 have their chapter 1 test today, so there is no homework tonight. Hour 3 has homework in their math book p.68 #15-17, 28-32, 44-47 

10/26 Hours 6 and 7 have a test tomorrow! Make sure you study! Hour 3 has homework in their text book p.63 # 9, 23-27, 33, 34,37-39, 49, 51 on measurement. LATE WORK for all classes needs to be in this week by Wednesday.  Any late work should have been stapled into their planner.

10/22 Hour 3 has a test tomorrow!! Make sure you study! Hours 6 and 7 have page 12 in their workbook #12-23 

10/21 Hour 7 needs to finish correcting their quizzes if they did not finish in class; Hour 3- Test on Friday; Hour 6- No HW 

10/20  No new homework tonight! 

10/19 Hour 3: P.6 #14-22 in your workbook; Hour 6 and 7 no hw

10/16 No new homework this weekend! 3rd hour should have their creative way to share the problem solving process ready for Monday! 

10/15 Hour 3: Think of a creative way to share the problem solving process- Create a interesting poster, write a song, create a comic strip, write a skit....etc; Hour 6 & 7: In the workbook- p.13 #1-5, 7, 8 

10/14 Hour 3: p.43 #10, 14, 20, 22-24; 6th and 7th Hour: Finish guided notes packet 

10/13 Hour 3 has problems in their workbook for homework tonight p.13 #1-5 and 7-9; all other classes do not have homework 

10/12 Today we did an activity on the problem solving process. We did not have time to go over the homework from this weekend, so that will be gone over in class tomorrow. Make sure it is completed with all work shown!

10/9  I am still waiting to receive many signed progress reports, make sure those are brought to school on Monday! For homework: p.37 #12-22 even and 36-44 even.

10/8 Progress Reports were stapled into planners today, please sign those so I know they were brought home! 

10/7 Pg. 31 #3-19 odd, and 33-37 odd

10/6 Started section 5 today. Student participated in a representing quantities activity. No homework tonight, but late work MUST be in by tomorrow morning! 

10/5 Finished our quizzes today. Late work slips were given out in class today-get those assignments done by Wednesday morning at the latest! 

9/30 Took quiz today- No homework over the weekend, we will finish the quiz on Monday in class!

9/29 No homework tonight- Study for quiz tomorrow! Remember, use to help you study! 

9/28 We have work out of the workbook tonight:

3rd Hour: P.1 #13-16, 23, 24; p.2 #3-6, 15-17; p.5#5, 9-13; p.7 #2-4

6th Hour: p. 7 #3-5; p.5 #9-13

7th Hour: p. 7 #3-8; p.5 #1-13 

9/25 Periods 3 and 7 have no homework this weekend; 6th hour needs to try questions #4-8 in their order of operations activity packet from class so that we can catch up after having MAP testing and an early release today! 

 9/24 Today we had Math MAP testing, so there is no homework assigned! 

9/22 and 9/23 We worked on an activity in class exploring the order of operations-No homework tonight

9/21 P.17 #1-33 odd 

9/18 Estimating by Rounding- P.13 #3-25 Odd, 26, 33, 41,  (7th hour must do 45 as well)

9/17 No homework tonight! Students had subs today in their classes, so that will explain why teacher initials were not in planners.

9/16 Page 6 #17, 20, 23, 29-31, 35-38 

9/15 Finish back side of Magic Square Work Sheet- We did side one together in class. In your book- Page 6 #10-14, 18,19,21,24, an 39  

 9/14 No new homework tonight- Make sure to get those parent letters in tomorrow if you didn't turn one in today!

 9/11 Parents and students should sign math letter sent home today. Return bottom half of last page Monday. Don't forget to practice those basic math facts!! Kids that website I was talking about in class today was

 9/10  Finish text book scavenger hunt- we will be going over this in class tomorrow; tool index card was due today; books were covered today in class- make sure books stay covered all year to keep them new!

9/9 All Classes- Finish text book scavenger hunt if not finished in class; grocery bag for text book due tomorrow; choose a tool that will aid you in being successful in math class this year and draw/label it on the blank notecard provided in class- make sure it is neat, colored, and legible. 

***Students should have a red notebook and red folder for math class this year. They also need to bring in a paper bag to cover their math books during class on 9/10/09.