Contact Me

MailboxIf you would like to contact me there are three ways for you to do so:

1. Write me a note in your student's passport.

I check planners at the end of every class.  I initial the mathematics box to confirm that I have seen the passport, and that students have written down class information accurately.  If your student is presenting their passport at the end of class, I will be able to see any notes you have written me (make sure to remind your student to point out any notes you have left for me)


2. Email:

Email is an easy way to contact me so that we are not playing phone tag and leaving messages.  I check my email multiple times a day. 



3. Phone: (262) 664-6150

This is the McKinley Middle Charter School phone number.  Just call and ask for Ms. Vail, and the secretary will put you through to my classroom phone.  Most of the time you will have to leave a voicemail, but I am usually available before school, after school, and during my prep period.