Reading and Language Arts Homework

5/24 8 full page journals are due tomorrow!!!!! Also, your Stargirl journal is due tomorrow along with your "I Am" poem
5/14 Progress reports were given out today. Please get these signed and return them on Monday! 
5/3 Author Posters are due tomorrow!!!!! Tuesday May 4th! We have spent 3 days working on these in class, and you had the weekend to finish anything you didn't get done in class. Make sure these are here tomorrow! 
4/26 Journals, Character Sketches, and book report papers need to be in by 4/28 in order to participate in kickball! Poster boards are 40 cents if you bought one from me. 
4/21 No new homework today, get those character sketches and book report sheets completed along with pg. 22 in your cause effect packet that was assigned yesterday. Don't forget about your posterboard for tomorrow! 
4/20 Character sketches are late- if they are not finished, you will serve lunch detention to get them done.  Book reports were due on Monday, they are now 2 days late.  You just need to complete your blue/purple sheet along with 5 notecards describing 5 important events.  For tomorrow, finish p. 22 in your cause and effect packet. 
4/16 Character sketch papers were due TODAY! If you did not turn it in today, make sure you get it done this weekend.  Your blue book report sheets are due on MONDAY! Make sure you get this done over the weekend!!! 
4/15 CHARACTER SKETCHES DUE TOMORROW!!!!!!! April journals are also due tomorrow if you want to have your fun hour outside! Blue book report sheets are due on Monday!!! 
4/13 We are in the Library tomorrow working on your Author book reports- be sure to bring that information to class! Also remember journal due dates and book report due dates (BR due 4/19) 
4/1 Journals are 3 days late.  Rough drafts of character sketches should have been turned in before break. Over break, finish reading your book report book and work on your book summary using the blue sheet and notecards given to you today. These are due April 19th.  Journals for April are due 4/29- 6 full pages (only one can be a list) 
3/30 Journals are 1 day late today! Paragraphs 1 through 5 are due on Thursday for you character sketch- get those done! Library tomorrow! 
3/29 Journals were due today! Many late journals this month- get them in! Paragraph one and two are due tomorrow for your character sketch! 
3/26 8 March Journals are due on Monday!!! Get these in on time- it's your first 4th quarter language grade!!! Also make sure you have your three quotes for your character sketch ready to go for Monday! 
3/25 Get those missing assignments in! We are doing family life during reading for the next 4 days.  Remember to bring your character traits and support for your character sketch to class tomorrow.
3/23 Missing work due Thursday!! Make sure you have thought of 3 character traits to describe Harriet so we can begin work on our character sketches tomorrow.  Don't forget- journals are due on 3/29 
3/22 Characterization packet pages 57 and 59 due tomorrow, all late work must be in by Thursday- missing assignment slips were given out today. 8 journals are due on 3/29- get them in early!! 
3/18  Make sure you get all late work turned in next week! Wear your tennis shoes tomorrow for our break out day! 
3/17 Review for Freedom Train due tomorrow to get ready for the novel test; What Would You Do sheet; Remember to give me the name of the author you would like to research 
3/16 What Would You Do? WS needs to be finished for tomorrow- We have library tomorrow, so bring your books and start thinking about an author you would like to research for this coming book report 
3/12 8 Journals due 3/29 Make sure you have read up through chapter 16 in Freedom Train; RAFTS comment card should be fixed and turned in 
3/9 Chapter 13 and 14 should be read with questions finished as well as RAFTS comment card (you were given time to do this in class, finish for homework) 
3/3 Working on our book report projects tomorrow, make sure you bring your book! 
3/2 Read up to page 124 in Freedom Train if you weren't in 2nd hour today 
3/1 Two journals- one choice/ third journal of a slave- What's your plan for escaping? / Spelling definitions and situations due tomorrow 
2/25 Chapter 12 questions for Freedrom Train and book reports are due Monday! (Book report- pink sheet with 10 most important events in your book) 
2/24 Journals are due tomorrow! Make sure all missing work is in TOMORROW!! 
2/23 The last journal was assigned today- all six should be done and ready to be turned in by Thursday at the latest- These include: Journal with 5 similies, Journal of a Slave 1- What is life like?, Journal with adjectives circled or highlighted, Journal of a Slave 2- Why are you planning on running away, and 2 journals of your choice- full pages.; All late work must be turned in by Thursday in order to completed mid 3rd quarter grades; Tonight- Finish green drawing sheet and similie/metaphor worksheet gone over in class 
2/22 Book report projects today; see below 2/19 
2/19 We, again, worked on our group projects. Students need to make up any missing work.  Journals 1-5 should be done (5 similes, Journal of a Slave 1, adjectives, choice, journal of a slave 2). Chapter 10 and questions should be completed for next week. Book reports- finish 10 most important events list (pink sheet) for March 1st 
2/18 We worked on our group book report project. Remember to bring your historical fiction book to school every day! Your individual work- the 10 most important facts in your book is due on March 1st.   Your rough draft of your RAFTS were due today. You should have read chapter 10 and answered the two questions last night. 
2/17 I am in the process of grading your reading binders with Freedom Train Chapter questions from chapter 3, 4, 5, and 9, as well as your US map, Harriet character web, and the four journals that should have been completed by now.  Your homework tonight, is to finish your 5th journal (Journal of a Slave- Why are you planning on escaping?) and to read chapter 10 and answer the chapter questions! 
2/16 I will be checking your four journals tomorrow in class. We read through chapter 9 today in Freedom Train, you need to answer the Chapter 9 questions for homework tonight. You should also have your rough drafts of your RAFTS done for tomorrow. 
2/15 You should have had three journals ready for class today :Journal of a Slave entry, One topic including 5 similies in your entry, and one topic with all adjectives highlighted.  Tonight you are to complete a fourth journal of your choice from the topic sheet.
2/11 Campaign button, poster, and bumper sticker are due tomorrow! Finish chapter 4 question- What was the underground railroad? What was its purpose? Who were the conductors? What were the stations? (p.41-42 in Freedom Train) 
2/10 Campaign button, poster, and bumper sticker are due on Friday!!  Chapter three Questions were done in class, if you were absent, you will need to make these up. Your map and Harriet character web should also be compeleted. These were gone over in class today.
2/8 Comic strips and Three Cups of Tea strips to be presented tomorrow; Rough drafts of campaign items should have been approved today...will work on final copies tomorrow 
2/5 Make sure your Map of the US is completed, as well as your comic strip and spelling sentences from this week. 1 journal with 5 similies should also be done. 
2/4 Spelling test and MAP testing tomorrow; finish Freedom Train Map for tomorrow
2/3 10 spelling sentences should have been completed in class; one journal was assigned today to have at least 5 similies
2/2 Finish slave cabin drawing on green sheet and Harriet character web sheet; Bring library books tomorrow- you will need to get a historical fiction book for your next book report. 
2/1 Comic strip final copies were due today, get them done tonight if you were not finished.  Spelling words are contractions this week- for tomorrow, write the two words that each contraction contains.  Book reports and journals are now over 2 days late. These need to get done or students will be staying after school this week to finish these projects. 
 1/29 Book reports were due this week Thursday and Friday.  Journals were due Thursday. Any late book reports or journals not turned in on Monday will result in detentions.  Comic strips for spelling should be completed for Monday.
1/28 Book reports were due for half of our students today and half are due tomorrow.  We had several students unprepared for class today, so I hope more students are ready to go tomorrow! Journals were also due today, and we tried making some phone calls home for students who did not have journals ready.  Spelling test is tomorrow- be sure to study.  Our comic strips for spelling this week have been worked on in class, and rough drafts must be finished tonight if they weren't finish in class today. Our Three Cups of Tea quilt squares are also due tomorrow.
1/27  book reports for half of our students are due tomorrow. The other half will present Friday.  8 Journals are also due tomorrow.  Quilt squares for Three Cups of Tea are due on Friday.
1/26  Book reports and journals are due 1/28 (Thursday), today in class, students rehearsed their speeches with a partner. Make sure you have your outfits, notecards, and poster ready for Thursday! Quilt squares for Three Cups of Tea are due by Friday...we have spent plenty of time working on these in class, you need to finish them in study center or at home.  
1/25 Book reports and journals due on Thursday (1/28); bring notecards for book report finished tomorrow to practice speech with a partner; Spelling test on Friday- think of ideas for your onamotopeia comic strip 
1/22 Book report posters, notecards for speech and journals (8 full pages) are due on 1/28. Use this weekend to get them done!! Remember you should be practicing your speech in front of at least one other person this weekend. 
1/21 Rough draft of quilt square should be done; Complete speech index cards for book report; all missing work must be turned in tomorrow morning! 
1/20 Spelling test and homework tomorrow; All posters and note cards for book report project should be kept at school until the weekend; Journals are due on 1/28 (8 entries); quotes and symbols for quilt squares need to be in class tomorrow ; all Three Cups of Tea work should be in binder and completed...many sheets have been found incomplete.
1/19 Spelling due Thursday- Test on Thursday.  End of the quarter on Friday- get all late work turned in! All Three Cups of Tea worksheets and questions are being checked today and tomorrow- finish these and put them behind the Reader's Log of your reading binders. Quotes and symbols for quilt project should be listed for tomorrow; bring library books and book report posters for tomorrow! 
1/14 We took our spelling test today.  Only homework is to work on journals and book report for January! 
1/13 Spelling test tomorrow; Be looking for quotes from Three Cups of Tea to use for our final quilt project 
1/12 10 sentences for spelling due tomorrow! 
1/8 We finished Three Cups of Tea today in class, finish any chapters you did not read due to absences.  Answer questions 1-4 for chapter 21-22.  Remember to be working on book reports and journals this weekend! 
1/7 Spelling test tomorrow, finish reading biography books and start working on posters; 8 January Journals 
1/6 Turned in 20 spelling sentences today; finish reading biography books and start working on posters; 8 January Journals; Spelling test Friday 
1/5 20 spelling sentences are due tomorrow. We have library tomorrow, so bring your library books!  Any missing December Journals (5) or December book reports must be in by tomorrow or students will be staying after school to get assignments completed.
  • Example spelling sentence- I put salt and pepper on my breakfast in the morning to make the food taste better.
1/4 20 Spelling sentences due Wednesday; Questions for chapters 17 and 18 in Three Cups of Tea due tomorrow; get working on those journals and book reports!  
Over Break: Finish reading your biography or autobiography book (you can also start working on your poster and outfit!) Remember you have 8 journals to work on for January, and you have set yourself a deadline for each week! Also remember to get all late work done so that we can start off the new year correctly. Have a great break! 
12/21 Journals and Book reports for December are late!!! All Late work needs to be turned in! Also, finish reading chapter 14 in Three Cups of Tea for tomorrow. 
12/16 JOURNALS ARE DUE TOMORROW!!! You need 5 full pages to turn in tomorrow when you walk in the door!   Spelling sentences need to be fixed for tomorrow (look at examples below for help), Book reports will be worked on once again tomorrow, they MUST be done by FRIDAY!
12/15 Science fiction book report posters are being worked on in class, students should have finished their rough drafts for today, though many did not.  These are due on 12/17, and we will continue to work on them in class tomorrow.  5 Journals are due on 12/17 as well.  20 spelling sentences need to be completed for tomorrow from our He said/She said spelling list. Here are some examples:
  •   "Can you please pass me a pencil", whispered Sally.        
  • "I lent you one yesterday, and you lost it!" argued Joe.  
  • "Turn to page 63 in your math book", the teacher annouced.
12/14 Science fiction books should be read by now- if not they need to be finished.  Our book reports and 5 journals are due on the 17th. We are working on our Book Report posters in class, so rough drafts of the posters should be ready for class tomorrow. Spelling sentences and alphabetizing due on Wednesday. 
12/10 and 12/11 For our journals, we have 5 full pages due on 12/17; book reports are due that day as well. For our book reports, students should have a science fiction book.  They will need to create a movie poster with the following: (we will work on these a bit in class on Monday, so books need to be read over the weekend)
  • Title of the book
  • Author of the book
  • 4 quotes from the book
  • 4 adjectives/phrases to entice the viewer to see the movie
  • must be colored
  • pictures/graphics
  • "Starring...." List real life actors and actresses to star as your characters in the movie version of your book
12/9 Late work needs to get completed, Journals and book reports due 12/17. We will work on Book reports a little next week, so Science fiction books need to be completely read by Monday. 
12/8 All late work was given out today, get that done as soon as possible!
12/4 Today we had our spelling test and continued in Three Cups of Tea. Then, we went down to the computer lab to continue our work. Some students still have not brought in their money for the book we are publishing, we need that Monday.  Students have their book pages and sketches together to take home and look over. Sketches and pages MUST BE DONE for Monday. We will be printing on Monday for the final time and starting our final drawings.
12/3 Today we worked on introducing Three Cups of Tea.  We then went down to the computer lab to work on our books. Please bring your money tomorrow!!
12/2 Today we had library first hour and went to the computer lab second hour.  Spelling sentences and definitions were due today; sketches for your book, journals, and book reports are late; typed pages for our books are due on Friday.
12/1 Today we had a guest speaker to kick of our "One Book One School" reading.  We were lucky to have Marcus Hanel of the Milwaukee Brewers read to us! We have also been spending lots of time in the computer lab trying to get our books typed up, but if you are behind and have a computer, type it up at home and email me! *Spelling definitions and sentences are due tomorrow (read 11/30 for further instructions) *Book money is due by Friday $1.00 for each student, and $14.95 for any copies you would like to buy. Please pay these separately.  *Journals are now 2 days late and Book Reports for November are very late as well.  *December book report involved a science fiction book, students should have begun reading this. 
11/30 *Students were assigned "Confusing Words" as a spelling list this week. They should have picked 5 pairs of words (10 in all) to look up definitions for and use in a sentence. These are due Wednesday. *Journals were due today for November.  *Students should be working on their book sketches so that they are ready to draw their final copies for their books. *If you have a computer at home and you are behind on typing or writing your pages for your book, please try and type them up at home. You may then email them to me at:

11/23-Students should be working on their book by finishing up any rough drafts for their subcategory pages and sketching rough draft illustrations for their cover and each subcategory page; December Book Reports are science fiction books, and they will be creating a movie poster with a book summary on the back; November journals are due on Monday Nov. 30th- they have 8 full pages to complete! Some students are still missing their November book reports, so break is a good time to catch up on any missing work that was handed out during conferences!

Have a great Thanksgiving Break! Smile