In Educational Technology this semester I feel that I have learned valuable information that I will use in my future teaching career. I have learned how fun a digital story can be and how beneficial they can be in the classroom. I think it would be fun to show my digital story to my students and then allow them the create their own. This can be used for any subject and grade being modified to fit my student’s needs. Storyboards will create engagement and creativity in the classroom. I also discovered many apps and websites that can be used in the classroom that I might not have found if it were not for this class.

          The skills I learned in this class would be beneficial for other educational courses by implementing the technology into the lesson plans that are being made. Many classes require the student to write lesson plans and technology would be a great way to get the students engaged and learn things in a different way.

          When I was in school technology was not as frequently used. The classrooms all had three computes and there were not projects done with technology. Instead we would go onto the computer to play educational games for stations and computer classes to learn how to type and the different types of Microsoft products. Today in the K-12 classroom students are frequently using technology to discover information and express ideas.

          I feel this course was taught very well. It covered material that I had not learned before and allowed me to create a lesson plan that focused on using technology. I feel more prepared with integrating technology into the classroom and do not feel the course needs to be changed.

          I think the idea of a hybrid classroom is very interesting and can see the benefits. This would allow the students to watch videos and things online so that when they are in the classroom they are able to have discussions and dig deeper into the material. It could also be reversed where the students learn in the classroom and are able to create and express ideas online outside of the traditional setting.

          My attitude towards technology in the classroom has changed quite a bit. Initially I thought it would be difficult to integrate technology into all aspects of the classroom curriculum. This course has showed me that there are many different ways to use technology in all subjects.