Below I have listed websites that I think would be benifical as a classroom teacher. 


I like this website because it gives the teacher educational teach points for morning meeting. Morning meeting is a big aspect of elementary school and this allows the students to learn interesting facts and solve silly problems that relate back to what is being learned in the subject areas.



I really like this website because it shows educators how to tie art and music into their everyday lessons. I think that incorporating art and music into lessons will enhance student engagement and make learning more fun.



Epic is an app that I really like. It allows the students to read a wide range of books from fiction to non-fiction. This is a great tool to have in the classroom because you cannot have every book in your classroom library but this app will allow the students to discover so many more books.



I like this website because it makes lessons connected to real world events. I think this could be used in upper elementary and middle school. The lessons use what is going on in the world and to allow the students to use the topic they are currently studying and apply it back to what is actually happening.



I really like this website because it uses read write think lessons. These lessons are targeted to help struggling students understand difficult concepts. This can also help give writing topics for students to use that are multicultural, or even about holidays.