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Wonderful Websites!

Here are a variety of websites to use to promote positive reading behaviors. Happy reading (and playing)!Smile


Language Arts Websites – interactive reading activities - practice typing skills - interactive reading activities and games - online dictionary and thesaurus; provides multiples languages and word of the day - online dictionary and thesaurus; English/Spanish dictionary – Ray’s Spelling and Word Games – downloadable through this website; interactive spelling activities  - interactive reading and problem-solving activities - book lists available, students can take comprehension quizzes on books, printable activities; Free membership User name: aversboro  Password: owls - allows you to create own handwriting worksheets and print for handwriting practice - interactive and printable reading and writing activities based around The Magic Tree House series - read a variety of poetry; gain ideas on writing your own poetry - lesson ideas for all aspects of language arts - allows you to listen to stories online; subscription needed  - allows you to create your own worksheets using dolch words (sight words)  -  links to author websites and a variety of children's book


Science and Social Studies Websites - social studies and science content area reading and writing, science experiments - science experiments, card and certificate maker, craft lesson ideas


Websites including all subject areas - all subject areas, printable worksheets, lesson plans and ideas - all subject areas, printable activities - all subject areas, links to author websites, interactive activities - printable and interactive activities in all subject areas; book reviews - printable reading and math activities - interactive online games and activities for reading, math, art, music, and problem solving - all subject areas; printable handouts, lesson ideas and activities - all subject areas; printable handouts, lesson ideas and activities - a variety of interactive activities incorporating all subject areas - early learning interactive games; math, music and art - all subject areas; interactive activities and resources; subscription needed to watch related movies - all subject areas; printable activities; subscription needed for some resources - - all subject areas; lesson ideas and activities; links to a variety of additional resources – all subject areas; printable worksheets; subscription needed for some activities


Websites based around television show characters - stories and games about Disney characters - preschool reading activities based around Nick Jr. characters - reading activities based around Nick Jr. characters - activities based around Nickelodeon characters - activities based around PBS Kids characters - activities based around Disney characters -  activites basaed around Sesame Street characters


Websites with literacy products available for purchase - a service that provides educational software - provides links to resources available for purchase - a product available for purchase to help readers follow along with text - books available for purchase through this website – provides a database of Scholastic books for purchase or to check the level of the book


Disclaimer: These websites are not endorsed by Aversboro Elementary but are a collection of suggested websites by teachers and families. Use at your own discretion.

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