Educational Resources


This free webpage helps students work on a variety of skills.  The page offers multiple educational games for students to increase their knowledge for a specific skill set such as reading or math.  Each activity uses the Common Core Standards to help students practice the skills necessary for proficiency.  I encourage students to play either a reading or math game before incorporating something fun such as the skills, strategies or holiday games. 


Education Resources allows students to practice skills such as writing letters from free downloaded worksheets.  This website also has free games for students to work in the areas of reading, writing, mathematics, and a variety of other assorted skill sets.  


Sight Words

All students have been provided the 100 sight words required for Kindergarten, however, I understand there may be times those might be misplaced.  This link is taken from the Santa Rosa County School District webpage, but I have created a direct link for parents to quickly access the 100 sight words.