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Poe Webquest


Click on each picture below to be taken to a website that will contain the answer to your question.  Then, answer the questions here:  Poe Webquest Answer Sheet




   1.  When was Edgar Allan Poe born?


  2.  When did Edgar Allan Poe die?


  3.  What was the name of Poe's mother? (First, Middle, Maiden, and Last name)


  4.  What was the name of Poe's father?


  5.  In what two cities did Poe attend schools as a child?


  6.  What was the name of the couple that adopted little Edgar? 


  7.   Where did his adoptive parents live?


  8.  What was another name for "consumption?"  This disease was the cause of death of both Poe's                                mother and his wife.


  9.  What was the name of Poe's sister?


  10.  List 5 of Poe's poems.


  11.   List 5 of Poe's tales.


  12. When was "The Raven" published?


  13.  When was "The Cask of Amontillado" published?


  14. In what branch of the military did Poe enlist?


  15. What name did Poe enlist under?


  16.  What was the name of Poe's wife?


  17.  What relation was Poe's wife to him, and how old is she?


  18.  List five things Poe's death has been attributed to.


  19.  WHEN and To WHAT hospital was Poe taken when he became so ill?


  20.  In 1849, what was Poe's "stated"  cause of death?


  21. Supposedly, what were Poe's last words?


  22.  What was Poe's nickname as an reviewer?


  23.  How much money did Poe receive for his first book of short stories Tales of the Grotesque                                       and the Arabesque?


  24.  How was the grave of Edgar Allan Poe marked?


  25.  Who has visited Poe's grave every year since 1949?  What does this man leave?





  The Poe Essay


Rough draft due: End of class Wednesday, November 7.  Viewable in your English folder.

Final draft due: Before class Monday, November 12.  Submitted in Canvas.


For this assignment, you are to write a formal essay in which you explain what caused Poe to die.  As you know from your Webquest, there are many possible answers to this.  You will need to choose one.  This will become your thesis statement.  Then, use your research from the Webquest and (depending on what you decide) the articles in your textbook to support your thesis with the reasons you think you're right.  You will need three reasons.  Each reason will be the topic sentence of a body paragraph.  You'll use details from your research as evidence to support your reasons in your body paragraphs.  I will mark your rough draft based on completion and then make comments.  You will use those comments to revise your paragraph and submit them both in Canvas.

1.  Start here: Investigating Poe's Death

2.  Then, read the articles on pages 221-228 and take the quiz on  Canvas.

3.  Then, complete the packet.

4.  Then, write your essay, returning to any websites and articles that you think will be helpful in providing your evidence for the paragraph.  Click here for a Google document of this assignment upon which you will write your paragraph.






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