Feel Good Friday

">Florida Power Process


Young girl asks for Christmas cards


Classic movie mash up to Uptown Funk
Uptown Funk Classic Movies


Passengers get a great surprise!
Airline Christmas Surprise


Michigan students make singing tree
Singing Christmas tree


Man tells people to take what they need
Man in a Money Suit


Puppies slide down to dinner
Nonstop Puppies


Unbelievable talent from an unexpected artist
Homeless Man at the Piano


Young woman asks to rent a family on Craigslist
Rent A Family


Little girl asks parents to get along
Just Be Nice


Vet loses weight with yoga
Arthur's Amazing Transformation


Amazing Slinky performance
Human Slinky


Fraternity helps raise spirits of a girl with cancer
Frat and girl with cancer


Police officers give money to people they pull over
Police Spread Santa's Spirit


Misa Minnie the yorkie
World's Cutest Dog


Underprivileged kids choose between a gift for themselves or a gift for the family
Kids choose between gifts


Boy who loses his mom gives strangers toys to make them smile
Toys for Smiles


Man pays for a cake for a family to pay it forward
Man Pays It Forward


Little kids choose between being rich or happy
Would You Rather Be Rich or Happy


Young athlete with MS pushes to be the best runner she can
Catching Kayla


The Ross Sisters are dancers from the 1940's who are incredibly flexible!
Flexible Sisters


Guys surprise girls with a song and a rose for Valentine's Day
Valentine Surprise Singing


A stuffed dog tries to keep real dogs from taking its bone.
Stuffed Dog Protects Bone


A man gets a chance to see other people through special glasses when he is
irritated with them.
Get Service -- Change Your thinking


Ellen accepts the Humanitarian Award
Ellen's Acceptance Speech at Peoples's Choice Awards


Brother and sister are AMAZING on the piano
Siblings play Frozen medley of songs


Britain's Got Talent dance act
"Old Guys Dancing"


Their initial reaction is priceless!
Twin babies love it when Dad plays the guitar


Elephants don't realize how big they are.
Baby elephants that think they are lap dogs


Young girl has unique surgery after bone cancer
Cancer surviving dancer


This shows how needles and pins are made.
How Needles Are Made


Glass blower makes a hand made pitcher
Glass blower


Man helps out in many little ways
Why Do Some People Do Things For Others


Little girl gets doll with a prosthetic leg like hers
Special doll


Slow motion camera catches really cool stuff
Slo-Mo Guys


Airport uses a dog to return items left behind by passengers
Dog returns lost items


Daily ritual before preschool
Father Inspires Daughter


Little boy catches a fish with a toy rod
Little Boy Fishing


Dad builds obstacle course for his future ninja warrior daughter
Future Ninja Warrior


Eight year old girl show difference between girls' and boys' clothing
Girl Points Out Differences in Clothing


Time lapse video of abandoned polar bear cub at the Columbus Zoo
Polar Bear Cub


Amazing artist creates picture with light
Artist Paints Light


Do kids know classic Disney songs
Do Kids Know?


Zookeeper tries to clean up leaves
Hard Life of a Panda Zookeeper


Baby works out with Rocky
Baby Imitates Rocky


Players surprise cheerleader who has cancer
Football Team and Roses


Population categories for the US broken down to 100 people
If the USA were 100 people


Vertical Dance Group performs on the side of a building
Bandaloop Boston


Famous people who were told they would never be good at anything
Never Give Up


Funny look at what teachers hear and see from some students
If Teachers Acted Like Students


Abbott and Costello explain math
13 X 7 = 28


Classic comedy routine with Abbott and Costello
Who's On First


Six different songs blended together
Six Country Song Mashup


NFL mascots "Can't Stop the Feeling".
NFL Mascots dancing


Kid President is over arguing!
Kid President On How To Disagree


Kids explain the story of Baby Jesus's birth
The Christmas Story According to Kids


T-Rex takes on the American Ninja Warrior Course
T-Rex Ninja Warrior


Best ending to pie game
Pie Game


Dogs enjoying snowy days
Dogs Love Snow


Lily makes a great friend
Lily and the Snowman


Little boy makes a life long companion at the parade
Macy's 2016 Parade Commercial


Tree has never been photographed in on picture
3200 year old tree


7 year old girl inspires thousand with her message
Girl with down syndrome


Toddlers decide bedtime is not a good idea.
Time lapse of toddlers


Adorable animals with smaller versions of themselves
Animals and Mini-mes


Dug from Pixar's UP in real life
Dug in real life


Yorkie picks out her own toy at the pet store
Dog loves to Shop


Lucy and Ricky practice reading for when their baby is born
English is Tough!


Boy wants the same haircut as his friend so teacher will be confused
Boy want new haircut


Boys find a way to include everyone in basketball game
Wheelchair basketball


Car advertisement tests to see how well you pay attention
Attention Test