Funky Facts

Funky Facts

Frequently Asked Questions: This page contains answers to common questions of
students and parents.

  1. Email addresses and subjects taught.
  2. Homework Policy:
  3. What is for Homework?
  4. Parent Signatures on work
  5. Internet Safety at school




Email addresses and subjects taught.

Math & Social Studies:  Meredith Carver, 

Reading/LA & Science:  Sarah LeSage, 
Intervention Specialist:    Mrs. Aller,
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Homework Policy:

~ To receive full credit, all assignments must be completed by the day and
period they are due. 

~ Late papers will earn a maximum of 50%.

~ If an assignment can be recycled, it will be marked as such and be in the
Graded section of the student portfolio. 

Recycling work means redoing as assignment in the hopes of earning a 72%,
thelowest C rather than the initial grade. Not all assignments will be able
to be recycled. It's important students do their best the first time around. 

The uniform grading scale is as follows:
A - 92% - 100%
B - 82% - 91%
C - 72% - 81%
D - 62% - 71%
F - 61% and lower
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What is for Homework?

~ Homework is written in the student assignment book at the end of each class. 

~ You can also find your student's assignments is this web site.  A remind message will be sent each night once the homework is updated. 
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Parent Signatures on work

If there are low scores on graded homework, class work, quizzes or tests you
may be asked to sign and return them - they will be stamped Sign & Return.
This will assure everyone that you are seeing how your child is doing in school.
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Internet Safety at school
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