7th Grade Language Arts

Seventh grade begins with the "Idea" trait of writing. In addition, students focus on grammar, spelling, and peer editing techniques. Peer editing is one of the most important parts of our class and of the writing process.


Wednesday, August 5th-               Review of expectations and rules in the classroom. We will practice procedures

                                                                         such as handing in papers, fire drills, intruder drills, and other important

                                                                         procedures in class. 

                                                                         Homework: Students will get their rules and expectations sheets signed.

                                                                                                       Thank you in advance for taking  an  interest in your child's education. 


Thursday, August 6th-                   We practiced any additional procedures that we did not get to yesterday. Students were

                                                                         given their folders, assigned partners and 7A began their "Me" chart.

                                                                         Homework: Get paperwork signed by Friday.




Friday, August 7th-          We finished "we/me" charts. Students shared their charts with the class. Students in 7A completed 

                                                         an "I am" poem. 

                                                         Homework: None. 


Monday, August 10th-      We received our first 5 vocabulary words of the year. 

                                                         Homework: Write each word in a sentence that shows what the word means.


Tuesday, August 11th-        We took brochure notes. We reviewed vocabulary.

                                                             Homework: None.


Wednesday, August 12th-   We started the brochure rough draft.

                                                                Homework: Finish rough draft. Picture due Friday.

       7B- Finished notes for brochure.

                Homework- Picture due Friday


Thursday, August 13th -  We did Galileo testing .

                                                            Homework: Bring picture.    


Friday, August 14th-          We worked on the final draft of our brochures.   

                                                           Homework:  Finish final draft. Open house Monday, 6:00 to 7:30.  


        7B- Started working on rough draft of brochure.


             Picture due Monday



Monday, August  17-      We got our new vocab words and shared some of our brochures.

                                                      Homework: Vocab sentences. Open house tonight 6:00 to 7:30


       7B- Got new vocab words


               Vocab sentences


Tuesday, August 18th-    Turned in vocab sentences and did a grammar review. 

                                                           Homework: 7,8, and 9 on page 13.


          7B- Reviewed verbs, worked on rough draft of brochure


                  Final draft  due Thursday



Wednesday, August 19th-   Reviewed simple and complete subjects and preticates. Learned compound preticates and subjects.

                                                                Homework: 5-10 on page 15. Study for vocab quiz.


                 7B- Worked on final draft of brochure


                       Homework:  Final draft due Thursday


Thursday, August 20th-  Practiced verbs. Took quiz.

                                                           Homework: Study for vocab quiz. 


              7B- We took a pop quiz and had a fire drill.


                   Homework: Study for vocab quiz 



Friday, August 21st- Vocab quiz. Reviewed verbs and subjects in the book.

                                              Homework: None

                                               7B- The same.


Monday, August 24th- Got new vocab words.


                                                  Homework: Tic Tac Toe spelling  worksheet  for the whole week. Due Fri.


                                                7B-The same.



Tuesday , August 25th- Went over pg.20 1-10. Worked on 1 tic tac toe block.

                                                          Homework: Finish 1 Tic-Tac-Toe block.


                                                            7B- The same as 7A


Wednesday, August 26th- Took quiz over simple subject. Practiced 5 more questions with partner.



Thursday, August 27th-     Practiced simple subject. Took 200 piont quiz.

                                                                 Homework- Tic tac toe blocks all due by Friday.


                                                            7B- The same as 7A

Friday, August 28th-              Took vocabulary quiz . When finished with quiz did a free write.

                                                                  Homework- Finish free write if it's not done.


                                                          7B-The same as 7A


 Monday, August 31st-        Received 4th set of vocabulary words.

                                                             Homework-  Finish Tic-Tac-Toe blocks by Friday.


                                                        7B- The same as 7A.


Tuesday, September 1st-   Worked together on pg. 210 in red books. Finished with partener 8-10.

                                                                Homework- Tic-Tic-Toe blocks due Fri.


Wednesday, September 2nd- Had quiz . Worked in red books on pg.215 1-3 together. Worked with partener on 4,5,6,10 (not finished).

                                                                        Homework- Finish t-t-t blocks.


Thursday, September 3rd-     Worked in red books on pg.218 together.Finished 4,5,6,10. Played pass the can for vocab. quiz.

                                                                         Homework- Study  for vocab. quiz tommaro. Tic-Tac-Toe blocks due Fri.


Friday, September 4th- Had the vovab. quiz. pg. 218 in red books part b. Got back graded papers.

                                                               Homework- none.


Tuesday, September 8th-  Voting for Student Council. Practiced capitilization.

                                                                 Homework-T-T-T blocks due friday. Get progress report signed if you didn't over the weekend.