8th Grade Language Arts

Every year, we start out with the Idea trait of the six traits of writing. In addition to the first trait, we also focus on grammar and editing. Peer editing is a major component of our class and it is important to learn it early in the year.


Thursday, August 6th-                 Review rules, procedures, and expectations of students. 

                                                                       Homework: Students will get their expectation sheets signed.

                                                                                                     Thank you in advance. 


Friday, August 7th-   We finished reviewing rules, procedures, and expectations. Students began "We/Me" charts. 

                                                 Homework: None. 


Monday, August 10th-  We received the firste 5 vocabulary words of the year.

                                                      Homework: None.


Tuesday, August 11th- We finished first 5 vocabulary words of the year. Started resume.

                                                       Homework: Write each vocabulary words in a sentence.


Wednesday, August 12th- We finished first draft of the resume.

                                                       Homework: None.


Thursday, August 13th-  We worked on second draft of the resume. Vocabulary review at end of the class.

                                                       Homework- Second draft of resume.

         *****8A did not come to Language Arts because of Galileo Testing. 

Friday, August 14th-We had a vocab quiz and started on 2nd draft resume.


          *****8B turned in Vocab. Quiz, finished redo sentences and resumes, and started rafts


 Monday, August 17th- We started second set of vocab words of the year.


    Tuesday, August 18th- We started on final draft of resume, and worked on book work.


                                                         Homework- Vocab sentences, finish final draft of resume 

***8B- No homework.


  Wednesday, August 19th-  Grammer books

                                      Homework- Study for Vocab. Quiz          


      Thursday, August 20th- We learned about compond verbs and subjects.

***8B- Finished quiz. 

                                          Homework-  Study vocab words , quiz tomorrow                         


    Friday, August 21st-  First and second set of vocab words, quiz, Grammar book pg. 20, #1-10.

                                        Homework- none

***8B- The same.

       Monday, August 24th- We received our 3 set of vocab. words for the year. 

                                       Homework- None. Spelling Tic-tac-toe activities are due on Friday.

***8B- The same.

    Tuesday, August 25th-  We did bookwork pg. 20.


    Wednesday, August 26th- Grammer quiz.

                                      Homework - Tic-tac-toe spelling


Thursday, August 27th- 2oopts grammer quiz.

                                  Homework - Tic-tac-toe spelling, study


Friday, August 28th- Vocab quiz

                                 Homework- Free write


Monday, August 31th- We received our 4th set of vocab words for the year. 

                                     Homework- None. Spelling Tic-tac-toe activities are due on Friday.


Tuesday, September 1st- We learned about subject verb agreement

                                    Homework- None


Wednesday, September 2nd-  Subject verb agreement review. Subject verb agreement quiz.

                                  Homework- None. Spelling Tic-tac-toe are due on friday.


Thursday, September 3rd-  Reviewed subject verb agreement.

                                Homework- Tic-tac-toe blocks due friday. Study for vocab quiz.


Friday, September 4th- Vocab Quiz

                                Homework- Get progress reports signed by next friday.