Vocabulary Words

Students will receive 5 new vocabulary words every Monday and will be tested over them every Friday. Students are expected to know the meaning and the spelling of these words. As I say to the students, 'what's the point knowing the meaning of a word, if you can't spell it?'


6th Grade

8/10-  Adhere, clarity, legible, eligible, paraphrase.

8/17- Contrast, details, explain, provide,

8/24- Assume, appropriate, abundant, cooperate, contribute

8/31- Allegiance, ample, deplete, objective, exaggerate

7th Grade

 8/10- Clarify, discern, tedious, forefeit, decipher.

8/17- Elaborate, acknowledge, detail, precise, advance

8/24- Conduct, disastrous, conscience, bombard, astonish

8/31- Compile, augment, rival, obsession, apathetic 

8th Grade

8/10- Decipher,voracious, articulate, avid, indifferent. 

 8/17- Elaborate, concise, ascertain, advance, anticipate.      

8/24- Ambitious, cultivate, surmise, contrive, detect

8/31- Superficial, covert, synopsis, facade (this must be spelled with an accent under the c), omission