6th Grade

Every year, we start out with the Idea trait of the six traits of writing. In addition to the first trait, we also focus on grammar and editing. Peer editing is a major component of our class and it is important to learn it early in the year.


Tuesday, September 1st-We went over singular and plural nouns and verbs

                                          Homework:Tic Tac Toe blocks due on friday

  6B- Same


Wednesday, September 2nd-We had work time to catch up

                                                                   Homework-Tic Tac Toe blocks due friday

Thursday, September 3rd-We went over singular and plural subjects and verbs

                                                              Homework:TTT blocks due friday

Friday September 4th-  We took a vocab quiz today. Got progress reports

                                                         Homework-Progress Reports Signed

*****There is a gap from September the 4th until Monday the 14th because the other site stopped functioning and Educatorpages did not return my e-mail to fix my account. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Monday September 14th-We did pages 188 part A,Pg.191 part A,Pg.195 part A,and Pg.200 part A and B.

                                                             Homework-Study for Vocab. quiz Friday over asll 25 words.