7th Grade

Seventh grade begins with the "Idea" trait of writing. In addition, students focus on grammar, spelling, and peer editing techniques. Peer editing is one of the most important parts of our class and of the writing process.


Tuesday, September 1st-   Worked together on pg. 210 in red books. Finished with partener 8-10.

                                                                Homework- Tic-Tic-Toe blocks due Fri.


Wednesday, September 2nd- Had quiz . Worked in red books on pg.215 1-3 together. Worked with partener on 4,5,6,10 (not finished).

                                                                        Homework- Finish t-t-t blocks.


Thursday, September 3rd-     Worked in red books on pg.218 together.Finished 4,5,6,10. Played pass the can for vocab. quiz.

                                                                         Homework- Study  for vocab. quiz tommaro. Tic-Tac-Toe blocks due Fri.


Friday, September 4th- Had the vovab. quiz. pg. 218 in red books part b. Got back graded papers.

                                                               Homework- none.


Tuesday, September 8th-  Voting for Student Council. Practiced capitilization.

                                                    Homework-T-T-T blocks due friday. Get progress report signed if you didn't over the weekend.

 *****There is a gap from September the 8th until Monday the 14th because the other site stopped functioning and Educatorpages did not return my e-mail to fix my account. Sorry for the inconvenience.        

 Monday, September 14th- Students finished pg. 235, over capitalization, in the red book. Students then received their 5 new spelling words for the week.

                                                      Homework: Students need to study for their vocabulary quiz on Friday which will cover                                                       all 25 words that they have received. There will be no Spelling Tic-Tac-Toe this week.


Wednesday, September 16- Had one worksheet . Went over the puncuation worksheet.

                                                                       Homweork- Study for vocabulary test Fri.


Thursday, September 17- Went over what Mrs. Whipkey expects for our story (All I Ever Wanted was...). Worked on our story. Must be 1 Pg front - side.

                                                                 Homework- Study for vocab. qiuz tomarrow.


Friday, Sepetember 18- Took the vocabulary quiz. When we finished the quiz we worked on any book work we havn't finished or we worked on or revised our stories.

                                                        Homework- Have rough draft finished.

Monday, September 21st- Did vocabulary words. Checked our Stories.

                                                                 Homework-Finish rough draft of our stories. Tic-Tic-Toe blocks due Fri.


Tuesday, September 22nd- Second draft of our story.

                                                                     Homework- Girls Finish Second drafts.


Thursday, September 23rd- Second draft of our story or revised it.                                                                                                                      

                                                                       Homework- Second draft if not finished.


Friday, September 24th- Vocabulary quiz. Revised second drafts again. Worked on third drafts.

                                                              Homework- Finish third draft.


Monday, September 25th- Did vocabulary  words. Graded stories on ideas.

                                                                  Homework- T-T-T blocks. Due Friday.

Tuesday, September 26th- Went over Aims prompts from last year. Then graded stories.

                                                                  Homework- T-T-T blocks due Friday.

Wednesday, Sepetember 27th- Fun run

                                                                          Homework- Tic Tac Toe blocks due Fri.