Jesse Lee Preschool PreK 4's Website

Dear Families:

The school year is quickly coming to a close.  We constructed a paper chain to count down the number of days left in school.  To our surprise, there is only 12!  We are wrapping up our teacher of the day program, completing out sticker charts, and practicing for graduation.  All of this talk about plans for next year is causing some anxiety among a few of the children.  Please take the time to explain to your child where he or she will be going next year.  Take him or her on a visit to the school.  Read books about Kindergarten.  Later this weekend, I will send a list of children's books that may be helpful.

This week we studied the country of Mexico.  We...

*Painted sombreros.

*Decorated maracas and practiced making music with them.

*Used our fine motor skills to place beans on our bean bracelets.

*Colored the flag.

*Found where we live and discussed how Mexico is attached to us.  Mexico is our neighbor.

*Made castanets.

Next week ends the Teacher of the Day program. 

Monday: Jacob Michael

Tuesday: Violet

We are working on packing ourselves up at the end of the day in preparation for next year.  You may want to start having your child unpack in the morning as well.  Have him or her hang up their jacket and place their lunch and snack in the cubby.

Next week we will study bugs through the eyes of famous children's author, Eric Carle.

Next week will be my last newsletter!  I enjoyed every moment with your children.

Hugs and Kisses,

Mrs. Winington