Behavior Expectations

School wide we use the PBIS system and it focuses on rewarding positive behavior. Every day the students will earn points for doing the right things, showing good character, and having excellent behavior.  Those points will then be redeemed for rewards.  The rewards could come in the form of items they can get from the classroom store, school store, or for treats from the cafeteria etc...  Every week the students will be shown the amount of points they have earned to be turned in for rewards on Fridays. 

If a student does not earn their full points it will be recorded on their tracking sheet which will be in their data folder in their portfolio.  Please review each night for any comments regarding behavior issues for which they did not earn full points for the day. If there are any behavior issues, please discuss with your child about how they can make better choices. 

The students will come up with the rules to follow in class and in school.  We use S.O.A.R. as the main focus for our behavior rules.  S=safe, O=on task, A=accountable, and R=respectful.  If your child does not follow a known rule which they created, he or she will most likely not earn full points for the day, and this will be recorded on their tracking sheet.  Please partner with us and discuss why the rule was not followed and how a better choice could be made.  We want our students to earn the most points possible each day!  We thank you in advance for your partnership and support of our behavior system.