Field Trips and Celebrations

The third grade teachers are planning to have their field trips scheduled and 
planned together.
Field Trips: 

To be announced

Class Parties:

We will have a class party to celebrate the following that will be 
coordinated by the homeroom moms/teachers:
December Holidays last day before Winter Break
Valentine's Day
End of Year

We will recognize other holidays/ historical days but not necessarily have a 
party to celebrate. Some other activities to celebrate are reading books 
about the holiday, having guest speakers and discussing the day's meaning and 


Please let us knowthe day before if you plan on bringing 
in a treat for their birthday. We will celebrate all birthdays during our snack 
time. Please refrain from bringing in toys or goody bags with you. 
Bringing juice and a dessert are a perfect way to celebrate.  If you are 
sending home invitations please include everyone or give them to the homeroom 
teacher to put in individual folders so feelings do not get hurt. We do 
celebrate summer birthdays during the last weeks of school.