Homework completion is factored into your child’s overall grade.
Homework is assigned and your child is responsible for writing what is required into his or her planner. Homework is to reinforce skills learned in class therefore we ask for minimal help from parents. If you notice your child having difficulty completing what is required, please write a side note on the sheet or assignment or send us an email so that we can address it at school. Completed homework can be placed in the "Homework" section of the their file portfolio. Students are responsible for any missed work due to absences. The homework will be meaningful and not just "busy work". We also check the homework together and it is not counted as right or wrong but as effort. This is their independent work. There is also a natural consequence for not doing homework; they will not be as prepared or have that extra practice necessary to get the skill.

Reading HW:  Students should read for at least 20 minutes every night. Research has shown that students who read regularly increase their vocabulary, comprehension, and reading stamina. Reading logs are due every Friday.  
Additional reading homework will be sent home as needed and will be written in the planner, sent through the remind app or an email sent. 
Spelling HW: Please see spelling section for details. 
Math HW: This year each math lesson has a review page (homework) that will be sent home after the lesson is taught. 
Your child will earn a grade of 100% if the homework is completed and handed in on time. If your child does not have their required homework, the grade will be a "0". If your child hands in their math homework one day late, your child's grade of "0" will be changed to 50%. Math homework counts as 10% of your child's math report card's grade.