Spelling/Words Their Way/Grammar


For spelling we are doing the Words Their Way spelling program. 
Each student is tested and then assigned a list of about 20 words. The words 
are to be studied for two weeks and then they are assessed on 10 of the 20 
chosen at random. The words are chosen due to phonics skill deficits seen on 
their initial assessment. Students will have a spelling journal to travel back
and forth from school and home. Please keep this in their backpacks at all
times.  There are certain activities to complete in the notebooks that will be due
at the end of the two weeks for a total of 24 points. It is up to your family when to do the
activities but it will always be due on the Friday of the second week when the
test is. I will post those dates for you as well. The students are also given time in class for morning work and stations 
to work on their activities. 

Spelling Assessments:
Remember to study all words but they will only be assessed on 10. 

Spelling Due Dates Coming Soon  

Students are taught grammar weekly. Parts of speech, tenses, contractions, subjects and predicates, types of sentences, commas, 
and editing tasks are learned.