We love our volunteers but don't forget in order to volunteer in our classrooms or in the school, you must fill-out the Pasco County Volunteer Form online to be approved. 

There will be no volunteers the first 2 weeks of school in our classrooms. We want our students to get acclimated to the classroom routine, and their new friends without distractions. 

Parents are expected to volunteer at least 20 hours per school year per family not per child. Parents who work full-time can also help by making things at home (booklets, printing items, cutting crafts, sharpening pencils...) or donating to our class. 

All class parties are done through volunteers. We will send out emails or letters prior to all parties. If you would like to organize one of our parties, you can sign up to volunteer and help out then.

We will send out emails of volunteer opportunities throughout the year, so please be on the lookout for opportunities that interest you. Thank you in advance for your help!