Welcome to Mrs. Ayers Class Website! I am so very thrilled to have you joining us in our virtual classroom. This website is designed as a helper for the students and parents in my class. With this website you can get updated on homework, announcements, your childs grades, and more. Basically everything you need to know about our class and everything you need to keep updated on your childs class life can be answered here!

This class project began in 2008 when flu season was going around. Suddenly many children were absent and they had no way to find out what the homework was and they had no clue of stuff that was going on in our class. So one day, I decided to make a class website, one where parents and students can feel right in the class and keep updated on news, information, homework, and their or their childrens grades. I wanted a website that I didnt have to pay for and after one year of searching I had finally found the best builder- educatorpages.com!

Here I would like for you to feel as if you are in my 5th grade class, parents, students, and others! So go ahead and look around this site, just don't get lost! Bon Voyage... and have a happy journey!