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Ayura Crisis Crack Free Download

Ayura Crisis Free Download is an adult-oriented action game developed and published by Above a Damage Tile, available for free download as a cracked version through direct link or torrent. Released on December 7, 2018, the game falls into the Adult, Anime, Mature, Nudity, and Visual Novel genres.

The core of Ayura Crisis! revolves around its unique blend of erotic elements seamlessly integrated into the battle system. The game features hand-drawn pixel art animation, offering players an immersive experience where erotic incidents unfold during combat. Specifically designed for those who enjoy games with sensual content intertwined with the gameplay, Ayura Crisis! explores a variety of scenarios triggered by Ayura's increasing Arousal and Pleasure values during battles.

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Strategic gameplay elements include the cultivation of Ayura's Sensitivity, Proclivity, and Passive Skills. This allows her to become more susceptible to sexual encounters, resulting in dynamic changes in dialogue and varying levels of Pleasure experienced. The game emphasizes the impact of these choices on the character's development.

Sexual elements are intricately woven into the battles, presenting situations like Ayura being attacked while engaging in self-pleasure due to aphrodisiacs, experiencing exposure tendencies after being pranked by a young man, and gaining Harassment Fantasies from extended sexual harassment. Vulnerable states, such as post-climax or while unable to stand, are also incorporated into the gameplay.

Game Overview

Beyond the explicit content, Ayura Crisis! includes event-exclusive features like Futanari and big boobs, along with clothing options for added diversity. Notably, players have the option to play as a virgin, with no discernible advantages or disadvantages associated with this choice.

The game's primary emphasis is on its battle system, offering players an original and enjoyable experience characterized by impactful combat and user-friendly controls. Ayura Crisis! promises a distinctive gaming experience for those seeking adult-oriented action intertwined with an engaging storyline.