Mrs. Steele's Science Class



  Mrs. Steele’s 6th Grade Science Class  

What are 6th graders going to do?

September/October: Chemistry – YES!!! 6 graders can work with Chemistry.  (Elements, solids, gasses, liquids, etc…) 

November/December: Earth Science (Tectonic plates, volcanoes, mountain ranges, “Will California fall into the ocean?”, etc…) 

January/February: Systems (Water cycle, carbon cycle, environments, etc…)

Classroom Policies:

      • All students will follow the Classroom Rules as discussed and posted by the class.  Please return the signed Safety Sheet ASAP ! 
      • All homework will be turned in on time to receive full credit. (each student will receive one pass per semester - everyone has an emergency every now and then)
      • All students will bring a 3-ring binder to school to keep their notes organized. (please speak to me if there is a problem securing one for your child)
      • The classroom will follow school districts policies. (please see school handbook for specific rules and violations)
      • We are teaching our 6th graders to be responsible for their education.  Please have students contact me with questions or concerns (see contact information listed below) 


Feel free to contact me for your concerns or to ask question Laughing

Please respect that I am at school to teach your children during school hours.  If it is necessary to meet with me, please contact me to set up a meeting so I may give you my undivided attention.  Class time is not fair to you or your child.

You may also e-mail or call me at school.  I will respond within 24 hours.


school phone #:  (012)345-6789

Grading Scale

90 - 100 = A                                        The class has discussed the importance

80 - 89   = B                                       of bringing all materials to class and

70 - 79   = C                                       coming prepared to learn.  DO NOT be

60 - 69   = D                                       alarmed if your child learns cool things

                                                          about the scientific world around him/her.