Is Social Media Advertisement Beneficial?

Advertising on social media is nothing new, every one of us knows about it for the simple reason that we see the ads flowing day by day as we are logging in to our personal social media accounts. But there are some recent updates that will help you a lot more, when it comes to advertising on social media. This time around I’d like to tell you a little more about how social media advertising on Wholesale Ecommerce Platform and how you should confidently use to track your campaign.


Social media advertising:


We know that there are many ways to promote or straight up advertise a product through B2B Wholesale Suppliers or through the social media advertising. There are of course two core approaches:


  • Paid advertising
  • Self- promotion

Now, as self-promotion takes plenty of time, energy, dedication and pretty good social skills, it is not advocated by everyone. Some simply don’t have the time, while others just feel their business is not fit for the reason. Others, contract a Marketing agency to deal with their social media instead of them. This is by far the easiest method when it comes to confidently handling social media profiles, especially when it comes to customer service or review reactions.


Now let’s get on to the paid advertisement opportunities:


  • Domain ad: only for computer interface featured in the right-column
  • Page-post link:  as this is featured in your newsfeeds this ad works both on home computers and mobile devices. With like, comment or share options
  • The carousel:  straight sales related service best for e-commerce businesses, when multiple ads are featured in a carousel-like movement. You can see over 10 products. Featured in the newsfeed this can be reached and seen from any device or desktop computers.
  • Dynamic: this is also geared towards e-commerce businesses that can upload their catalogue photos which then will be featuring the products in a target-user way (meaning targeted users will see the photo of a product best fit for their previous likes). This ad type is available both through mobile and desktop. 
  • Lead Ad:  Only available on mobile this is a straight lead to an e-commerce website where you are given the chance to submit form or sign up for newsletter, etc. You don’t even have to leave the app.
  • Canvas:  another mobile-only advertisement type which is interactive, it can lead you to an e-commerce company’s product list, so it’s a straight –use app and it’s very fast.
  • Page like targeting ads: These types of ads are specifically geared towards targeted audiences with the specific reason to „ get more fans”. Page likes are excellent for making a good fan base for later on. These ads are featured both on desktop and mobile devices. This ad type is excellent because there is nothing in liking a page.


  • Page-post text : when you only see a text in the bracket with a „like” button
  • Page-post photo: when you see a photo and a small text with the „like” button
  • Page-post video: when you see a video featuring a product and the „like” button


Other click-based ads:  Then if this is not enough there are the event –based and App-based advertisements, there are the get-offer ads.