September Communication Letter


During the month of September our Grade Four students will be learning the following:

Subject Area

Current Unit of Study

Being your child’s Study Buddy at home will support their learning. Here’s how….







Good Readers, Good Habits-Students will  learn how to become more active readers.  Through active reading they will gain a deeper understanding of what they read. They will focus on how characters  change.

Support your reader by asking questions about character, setting, and plot.  Ask questions that don’t have obvious answers, forcing your reader to infer an answer, and then have your reader defend his/her answer.







Good Writers, Good Habits- Students will begin to write personal narratives.  Students will also write every evening in their Writer’s Notebook.

Support your writer by:

Having your child talk about single moments, using interesting details, write their narratives and read them aloud before revising. 







Everyday Math Unit 1 Students explore geometry, including lines, line segments, rays, shapes, angles, vertices and labeling.  They will also get acquainted with the Reference book and take responsibility for their own learning in mathematics.

Support your mathematician by:

Having him learn multiplication facts through the twelves table.  Ask him to explain, draw and label lines, line segments and rays.







Science Unit 1 – – Students will study water and its properties.

Support your scientist by:

Your student should read books on water from the public library.  He should repeat some of the experiments with water that he does in class, and explain to you what he has learned.





Social Studies

Theme Unit 1: New York’s Location and the Geography of New York

Support your Historian by:

Reading books about New York State and its geography.  Look at maps of New York, pick out the mountains, rivers and other  geographical landforms and waterways in New York.





Community Building

PBIS Skills:  Practice working cooperatively with others.

Support your Roadrunner by:

Talking to your child about what it means to be a member of a group, and how to be a good partner.