About Abdeslam Badre

Badre is a social scientist and a fulbright alumnus, with a strong research interest in Policy Development in the fields of Gender, Youth, and Higher Education and Professional Leadership; Gender & Youth, Migration & Transformational Political Economy ; and the Media, especially in the context of Africa and the EU-Southern Mediterranean Cooperation. His 18 years of experience combines years of service as an educationalist in Universities in the USA (Alfred University; Monterey Institute for in International Studies; and University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill); in Morocco (Mohammed V University; International University of Rabat; & AMIDEAST); in Germany (Institute for Cultural Diplomacy); in Denmark (Aalborg University); and in Romania (Univeristy of Babes Bolaiy). He is also founder of EDU Globe Consulting in Germany, and an independent consultant with a specific focus on evaluating national indictors and norms in higher education of a number of countries, working with several governmental and non-governmental organizations: he repeatedly serves as a consultant for the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences; the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy in Berlin, the Youth in Action Program in the framework of the EU Youth Vision 2020; Prima Oergasnisation in Montenegro and ERASMUS+ Project in Slovakia.  Badre is a member of the Global Young Academy; Next Einstein Forum; Africa Science Leadership Program; American Political Science Association; Institute for Cultural Diplomacy Forum, among others. Badre has attended and spoken in over 400 international conferences and trainings in more than 100 countries. He has a number of publications and research papers, some of which could be found here: https://unc.academia.edu/AbdeslamBadre. Badre's educational trajectory includes:

  • Post-Doc. - Higher Education Policies in MENA (Jordan)
  • Post-Doc. - Migration Policy (Spain)
  • Post-Doc. - EU-Morocco Economic Cooperation (USA)
  • Ph.D. - Media & Gender Policy Development (Morocoo)
  • Masters Degree - Diplomacy and International Relations (Germany)
  • MBA (audit) - Human Resources Management (USA)
  • DESA (Masters) - Education Sciences Teaching Pedagogies (Morocco)
  • DESA (Masters) - Cultural Studies (Morocco)