Homework week of April 6

Homework for APRIL 2009 Week of 4/6/09    - Next week we will begin reading a novel and a special project will be assigned in the next two weeks and will be due in May
spelling3 times each Synonyms or antonyms  story Practice test       
Vocab.1/2 Definitions Finish definitions   Draw a pictureVocab wksht   
Soc. StudiesDaily geo Finish wkbkDaily Geo Finish wkbkDaily Geo  Finish wkbkDAILY GEO Finish wkbk   
math Page 368 1-33oddSets a,b pg 394 1-4 pg 397Wksheeet pg 171-172Correct any questions from quiz pg 376   
science   WKBK PAGES    
A/R-read a book at your level for points!!  Read at least ½ hr     Read at least ½ hr  Read at least ½ hr     Read at least ½ hr   
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