Behavior Management

Behavior Management Plan:

A behavioral color change chart will be posted in the classroom where the students can view it. Each student will start on green. If a student has had multiple warnings, they will change their color from green to yellow. If the negative behavior continues, the color will change to red.


 A color change from green to yellow could result in missing out on certain class privileges, such as recess. A color change from yellow to red will result in going to the principle's office and a letter sent home with the student. The parent will be notified by email if their child made it to red that day. 

Addressing Negative Behavior:

I promise to never call a student out in front of their peers. I want my students to trust me and to have a strong relationship with me. I will always privately address the negative behavior with the student. I will notify the parents by email if the situation calls for it.

Classroom Rewards:

Students will have the opportunity to work together as a team to earn classroom rewards for positive behavior! We will keep track of our points as a class through ClasssDojo. Attached is a picture of how many points the class can earn and what the reward will be! 

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Here is a video that shows the process of adding and taking away Dojo points: