Homework Policy

Homework can be very beneficial when it is MEANINGFUL! I promise that I will not assign your child busy work, but homework that will help to reinforce what they learned in the classroom. 

  • Each student will have their own homework folder that includes their to-do list for the week. Homework will be assigned Monday-Thursday, and will be due the Friday of each week. Everything in the homework folder should be completed by the student and signed by the parent. 
  • Homework will consist of reading to a family member for 20 minutes, practicing vocabulary, practicing math facts, practicing spelling words on SpellingCity, and homework sheets.

 Homework folders must be signed by a parent and turned into me every Friday by the student. If a student repeatedly does not turn in their homework on time, this could lead to consequences such as a color change, loss of recess, or a phone call to a parent. However, I realize that life happens and situations may arise that prohibit a student from being able to complete their work! Please contact me if there is a reason why your child cannot complete their homework. We can always figure something out!