Letter to Parents

Dear Parents,

 You are cordially invited to be a partner in your child’s education!

Stay-Tuned:  Ask your child what he or she is studying, and look in the planner every night, and in the home communication folder every Monday.  The planner is where your child will record daily homework assignments and reminders.  The home communication folder is where you will find the newsletters and notices s well as order forms and permission forms that are sent home.  The monthly newsletter will help you keep up with important happenings in our classroom.  I will also send home progress reports or make phone calls to keep you up-to-date on your child's progress.

Ask Questions:  If you have any concerns or are wondering why something is happening, please feel free to call, email, or write a note in the planner, at any time.  I welcome all concerns, ideas, and feedback that affect your child or our classroom.   If something is not working, I am more than willing to talk.  I welcome all feedback!

Homework:  You should expect that your child will have some type of homework most everyday.  You will always find the homework assignments written in the planner.  It will go home everyday.  I encourage you to set up a scheduled time, with your child, for homework completion.   Students should be able to do most assignments independently, but do help if it is completely necessary.  If you notice that your child is not able to do an assignment on his or her own, please send a note or jot a note to us on the assignment.  I will contact you if your child is falling behind or turning in poor work.  All assignments are to be completed for the next day, or the set date; the homework club meets daily at 8:30.

 Nutrition break:  All students must bring a nutritious lunch, to be split between two eating times, and a bottle of water everyday.  Please do not send water bottles that have twist-off caps.  Pop is NOT permitted in B3. 100% litterless lunches are the goal. 

Arrival Time:  I also would like to request that students arrive at school no earlier than 8:55.  It is not safe for them to be hanging around or playing on the equipment with no supervision.  I certainly do not want your child to get injured prior to the school day. 

 Phys. Ed. and Art:  All student must wear proper clothing for phys. ed. class:  shorts or track pants, t-shirt, a separate pair of running shoes.  Hair must be tied back and jewelry must be removed.  If improperly attired, the student cannot participate and will have an alternate assignment. 

Art class is often messy so please provide a large overshirt (possibly one of dad's old dress shirts) or smock that your child can wear to protect his or her clothing.


Stephen Bailey