Homework this week!

January 26-30, 2009**********************************************************************

Monday, 1/26/09        Math wkbk p. 37

                                 Challenge wkbk CW5

Tuesday, 1/27/09      Math wkbk p. 38

                                Challenge wkbk CW34

Wednesday, 1/28/09 Math Wkbk p. 39

                                Challenge wkbk p. CW 40

Thursday, 1/29/09    Math wkbk. p. 40

                               Challenge wkbk p. CW41

Math homework will continue to focus on math skills and computation, due to the Common Assessment scores. Additional practice work may be given to those children still needing work on skills in reading. Please continue to have your child read for a minimum of 45 minutes each night to improve fluency and comprehension.