Spanish Class Handbook

Parent Volunteers 

I welcome the support of volunteers in the classroom. You are welcome to visit our class, maybe to tell a story in Spanish or simply to observe.  Your support of school and classroom activities makes your child feel important and sends a message that you value what is going on in their classroom. Please call me or send a note to let me know when you are able to come in. Whatever way you are able to support us, I am very appreciative.

Show and Tell

Throughout the year we will participate in Show-and Tell. Our Show-and Tell activities will be centered around a theme. Students who bring items from home should be able to present them in the following manner:

bulletState your name
bulletDescribe the item
bulletGive a reason for why he or she has chosen that item

Show-and-Tell activities are a wonderful way help to encourage self-confidence and self-expression.

School Celebrations 

During the school year we will celebrate several holidays such as El dia de los muertos, El dia de los reyes, La navidad y el dia de San Valentin. Several activities are planned around these themes as well. There are some families who do not celebrate certain holidays because of religious reasons. Please send me a note to indicate whether or not your child will participate in these events or if you need information about the topic.

School Supplies 

 Listed below are the school and classroom supplies that each student will need.  Insufficient supplies should not be an excuse for incomplete class work or homework assignments. Please note that all supplies should be replenished as needed. Classroom supplies should be brought in at the beginning of every quarter. A notice will be sent home as a reminder. Students should have their supplies by the first Monday of the school year. We will use these items every day. Your child will need school supplies at home to complete homework assignments. Supplies listed below will be kept in the classroom.

4 boxes of 8 crayons (no washable crayons)

4 jumbo glue sticks

1 one subject notebooks (just for Spanish)

1 pairs of child scissors (round  cut)

6 large pencils

1 large eraser

1 book bag

1 folder (just for Spanish)

 Classroom Rules 

It is very important that each student learns to become a good classroom citizen. The only way to do that is to follow the rules. So, listed below are the “Rules of the Road” for our room. Please begin working with your child so that they know what the rules are. I thank you in advance for helping us to maintain an orderly environment.

  Rules of the Road

1.     Listen (red rule)

2.       Respect others (blue rule)

3.       Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself (black rule)

4.       Raise your hand (green rule)

5.       Try your best (purple rule)

Just as we have rules, there are also consequences for breaking the rules. The consequences are as follows:

1.        An apology

2.       Teacher talk

3.       Time out

4.       Call or traffic ticket note to your parent

We have a traffic light chart of Stars, each one with a student's name on it.
How do these stars work?
As long as our rules are being followed, a child's Star remains on green.  If a child breaks a rule in 
the classroom, the 1st consequence will be used. When a child breaks a rule for the second time the 
Star gets moved to yellow. Having a star moved to yellow is an "oops" reminder. It says to the
child—please remember our class really needs you to do the right thing. If a child continuously breaks
the rules during the day, the Star is moved to red and the 3rd and 4th consequence will be used.
When a traffic ticket is sent home it is necessary for you to address the matter, sign, and return
the ticket back to me. Students, who continually have a difficult time in class, will need to
have a formal parent conference. 
Rewards for Following the Rules
A behavior sheet will be placed inside of the front pocket of each student’s homework folder every 
Friday.  Students who have been on green for the whole week will be rewarded with incentives such 
as pencils, prizes, treats, etc. (if your son/daughter has any allergies to candy, please let me know) 
There will be space for you to write me a quick note as well.