Chapters 6 & 7


Weekend Questions

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1. Explain how specific British economic policies ignited American Colonial sentiments against the British.


  • Students must point out SPECIFIC acts

  • Townshend—paper, paint, glass, tea

  • Quebec—limits colonial settlement in Quebec

  • Stamp—direct tax, requires stamps to be placed on a number of goods and legal documents

  • Declaratory—asserts the power of Britain to tax colonists at will

  • Mercantilism benefited the mother country at the expense of the colony






2. What challenges did Americans face in fighting against the British?

  • They’re not a politically united power

  • Limited resources

  • Poorly trained army, largely an amateur militia with limited skills

  • Small forces compared to Britain

  • Weaponry usually not as modern as Britain—supplied by themselves or perhaps their French counterparts

  • Financially the colonies are weak compared to a superpower like Britain