Welcome to Mrs. Andrix's 3rd Grade Class

I am so happy you are here! I can promise this is going to be an educational, motivating, hands-on and exciting year of learning!


About Mrs. Andrix:                

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       This is my fourth year teaching at Mound Elementary in the 3rd grade! I  completed my student teaching five 
years ago at Bauer Elementary, aslo at  the 3rd grade level. In July 2008 I graduated with my masters in  Educational 
Leadership and Curriculum Design from Wright State University,  and this past summer I got married and spent a 
wonderful week with my new  husband in Jamaica! I have leaps and bounds of energy that I bring to the  classroom 
everyday! I try to inspire learning in a fun, active and hands-on  way!   In my free time I enjoy reading magazines and 
childrens' books, baking,  shopping, ZUMBA, exercising and creative home projects! 
Mission for the Class
        The mission for my class is to educate each and every child to his/her  fullest learning potentinal in a fun, energetic 
and hands-on way. It is my  personal mission to make each child feel loved everyday while exciting them  about all 
different types of learning! 
E-mail: bandrix@miamisburg.k12.oh.us
Phone: (937)866-4641