Study Island

Parents and Guardians! I cannot encourage you soon enough to get your child
on Study Island! He or she will, or may have been given in second grade, a
username and password. Log your child on to practice in math and reading.
This is a proven program to increase knowledge and test scores! Simply copy
and paste the link below and just a few minutes a day will increase your
child's learning tremendously. If you do not have Internet access at home, I
encourage to you to take your child to the public's FREE :)

Science and Social Studies Schedule

Each quarter consists of nine weeks. In order to accomplish detailed hands-on learning experiences for the students, Science and Social Studies will be taught at separate times during the quarter. During the fall, Science will be taught the first four weeks of the quarter-while Social Studies will be taught weeks five through eight. Please call or e-mail if you have any questions.

Spaghetti strap shirts are a violation of the school dress code. A wider strapped tank top or t-shirt must be worn under any spaghetti straps. A warning will be given for a first offense, but students will be sent to the office if there is another violation of this dress code.