Our New York Technology Pals

Our class has been/will be communicating with Miss Randone's and Mrs. Tureski's 2nd Grade Class in New York! We feel very fortunate to have made such good friends several miles away! We have explored their website and look forward to getting to know them! It is our educational goal to compare/contrast the learning that takes place between the students of these two classrooms.Laughing




11:43:03  Wednesday, October 14th, 2009- Today our Tech Pals from Long Island sent us video introductions! We were so exctied to finally meet our new friends! It's so exciting to learn what technology can do! We never believed we could have friends from New York that we could actually see right here at Mound Elementary! We are a little frustrated because we don't have the same upgraded technology as our NY friends Undecided, but we are trying our best to communicate with themWink

11:49:03 Thursday, October 15th, 2009- We just checked our Tech Pals website for communication updates, but we don' t have any yet. We wanted to let them know we have had a busy morning making them a SPECIAL SURPRISE and celebrating Mrs. Andrix's birthday today with cupcakes, singing and dancing!

11:50:41 Monday, October 19th, 2009- Today we are all geared up because this is our last week of school before Fall Break! We want to know if our NY Tech Pals have a Fall Break? We always celebrate by having Dress-Up Book Reports the last day of school before break-our last day this week is Thursday! We have been working on our posters this morning-they include-Title, Author, Illustrator, Setting, Main Characters, Plot and Problem/Solution! We can't wait to take pictures at our party and share them with you! We hope to hear from you soonSmile

12:02:30 Monday, October 19th, 2009- In our Geography unit, we are learning all about maps and map keys. Today, we are creating our own Perfect Playgrounds. We noticed the playground you guys have in your pictures! What kinds of things are out there? What are your favorite things to play on?

09:53:51 Wednesday, October 21st, 2009- We LOVED our new video! We are so excited to hear about the things you have on your playground. We have a nice playground, but we are working hard collecting Boxtops to earn money for new playground equipment! We are still working on our Perfect Playground projects. So far, we have added things such as: waterslides, go karts, Mc Donalds, arcades, football fields, haunted houses, zoos, castles and libraries. Tomorrow is our Costume Party, and we hope to be able to send you a video to share in our fun!

09:48:39 Wednesday, November 18th, 2009- WOW-where did the time go? How was your Halloween in NY? We are so sorry we haven't been on for a while. Our Fall Break was FABULOUS! Some of us took vacations to Myrtle Beach and Disney World. Others of us had fun at home going to local museusm and parks with our families. We missed talking to you. This morning is busy-we are getting ready for our Thanksgiving concert Monday night! We are going to be singing some silly Thanksgiving songs like: Turkey Tango and A Turkey Followed me Home. We wish you all could come watch us! Even Mrs. Andrix has a special part reading Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving in the concert-she is nervous and so are we!  We hope that you have a very happy Wednesday, and THANKSGIVING!!!! GOBBLE GOBBLE Tongue out

10:13:40 Thursday, December 10th, 2009- We also had and AWESOME Thanksgiving holiday and concert! We had so much fun! We are trying our best to work on a little surprise to share with you, but we are having some trouble. We are going to be watching your community videos today, but it is just taking a little while to load them. We can't wait! In return, we are going to share with you some cool information about Miamisburg, Ohio! Did you know that our town is the only city in the ENTIRE world that has the name of Miamisburg? We get our name from the Miami Indians that settled here! We are located right on the Miami River in the Miami Valley!

We noticed in your announcements that you will be having a concert soon! GOOD LUCK! We hope you have been practicing, and that you have a GREAT time! Do your teachers have any special parts? Where are you having your concert? What kind of songs are you going to sing?

We just got finished watching your first community video! WOWSA! We can't wait to watch the other two! Here are some questions and comments about your first video:

How old is the church? It was BEAUTIFUL!

How many years old is your school? It is so much BIGGER than ours! How many students do you have there? We have about 500 here at Mound Elementary.

OK! We are ready to begin our project for you! We are waiting on video 2 to download! We hope to get our webcam soon and MEET YOU IN PERSON!!!!!! We can't wait! Santa has been watching us-is he watching you guys too? Talk to you soon! HAPPY HOLIDAYSTongue out

12:06:16 Monday, January 4th, 2010- Wow it's crazy to write the new year! We are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo JEALOUS that you had a snow day today Cry How much did it snow? Did you get our package yet? Did you have a good new year? Did you watch the ball drop? Did you actually go see the ball drop-here in Ohio we watch it on tv or some people travel to see it. How was Christmas? We miss you and hope to hear from you again soon!