3. Project Assignment Instructions


1.  Review the project Objectives.  This project is going to have you evaluating your impact of the environment, analyzing ways in which you can   reduce your impact, applying these changes, and estimating the difference (page1 )

 2. After reading the introduction, take some  time to think about the environment and your impact.  (page 2)

3. Read the project assignment instructions (you are here - page 3)

4. Take the Carbon Footprint tests. (Page 4)

5. Research ways to lessen your impact. (page 5)

6. Think of 4 - 5 areas in which you want to improve you carbon footprint. Complete Usage and Spending Table #1  (page 6)

7.  Define Environmental Economics vocabulary (page 7)

8. Now keep track every day, what have you done to limit or improve in each area.  (page 8)

9. At the end of the month track the total amount you have used in each area and calculate your spending at the end of the month. Complete the Usage and Spending Table #2 (page 9)

10.  Do calculations for a 10 year projection. (page 10)

11. Answer Questions about sustainability - (page 11)

12.  Complete a Reflection - Did you save money going green??? How much energy did you save?? What do you think? (page 12)

13. Try the Monahan Challege.  (page 13)