Pimtas cement and cleaner

The connection of pipes and fittings to each other is done in different ways such as adhesive connection, welding connection, gear connection, bolt and nut connection, etc.

It can be said that the most popular and best connection method is the adhesive connection method. In adhesive connection, the possibility of any leakage in the piping system is minimized and the connection is well sealed.

pimtas cement

Two materials called slovent cement and cleaner are used to connect the adhesive. The cleaner is used for cleaning, before gluing and slovent cement to establish a connection between the pipe and the fittings and valves.
For this purpose, Pimtas Company has produced cement and cleaners for pipes and fittings, which can be used to establish the best and most sealed connection between pipes, fittings and valves. Each material has its own adhesive. For example, UPVC cement is different from PVC cement.
The resistance of Pimtas slovent cement is so high that it increases the life of the piping system and problems such as leaking pipes, etc. occur much less.

pimtas cleaner

It is also very easy to use its glue. Inside the pimtas cement box is a small ball that is used for gluing.

Pimtas cements and cleaners can be easily found in all Pimtas agencies around the world.