Pimtas company

Pimtas Company is one of the largest brands in the field of production of pipes, fittings and construction equipment. In its products, the company uses only plastic materials such as PVC, UPVC, polypropylene, etc. Uses. One of the most important and main uses of Pimtas products is in the implementation of swimming pool and Jacuzzi facilities.


History of Pimetash Company

Pimtas Company started its official activity in early 78 AD in an area near Istanbul, Turkey. The company now operates in the same area with three factories. In addition to neighboring countries in Asia and the Middle East, Pimtas products are also exported to many European countries.

Pimtas pipe fittings

Pimtash pool materials and equipment

As we have said, Pimtas Company has always been a leader in the production of materials and equipment needed for the construction and implementation of swimming pools and Jacuzzis. Among Pimtas products in this field are UPVC pipes and fittings. These pipes and fittings are very suitable and efficient for pool and jacuzzi piping due to having a series of special features.
Other products of Pimtas company include pool equipment. Pool equipment includes devices such as pool pump, pool filter, pool heat exchanger, etc., which are used in various cases such as purification and circulation of pool water. Pimtas pool equipment is produced in various dimensions and capacities, both for small domestic pools and for large public and professional pools.