Supply List

Please purchase the following school supplies for the 2017-2018 school year.

5 plastic prong pocket folders –one of each (blue,red,green, yellow, orange)

Quantity                Item(s)

20 or more    sharpened pencils (restock every month)
4 or more    erasers
3        red pens/pencils
1        sharpener (that hold shaving) 
2 box        colored pencils/crayons (Art/Class)
1 box        markers(thin)
4                  Expo markers 
1 pair        scissors
1                  headphones in a ziplock bag with name* important
1                  Lysol spray 
3        glue sticks
1        fabric pencil case
6        Marble Composition Books
1         package 8½x11 Wide Ruled paper
3                  reams of copy paper - White
1                  ream of colored copy paper
1                  hand sanitizer  
2                  Clorox wipes 
2 boxes    tissues  
1         backpack no wheels
1                  water bottle for PE
1                   hand soap
Please send in the following funds to your homeroom teacher:
$5.00  for school agenda
$13.00 for Reading Workbook