School Supplies & Grading System

Marie Curie School for Medicine, Nursing, & Health Allied Professions

School Year 2010


Ms. Barcelon                                                                                                     Math Class



September 8, 2010


Dear Students,


Welcome  to my Math Class!  As your teacher I bring you to the challenging task of completing the curriculum of Integrated Algebra.  Upon completion you will take the Regents Exam and will be expected to pass it with 75 or above to qualify you for Advanced Regents Diploma. With your cooperation I will walk you to the tasks and skills that you need to accomplish this goal. 

To start with, here are the supplies that you need to bring on Monday, September 13th.


2 Composition Notebooks only for Math

1  Graph  notebook with three holes

 loose leaves

2  Two pocket folders ( one for classwork, quizzes, tests; the other for homework)

Pencils with erasers, pens, index cards

One box of markers; scissors

One Elmer’s glue

Supply box or pouch to put your supplies


Bringing in these supplies is part of your homework and counts as 10 points toward your homework grade.  All supplies must be labeled with your name using a permanent marker.  Supplies will be left in the supplies cabinet and will be retrieved when needed.

 Thank you!


 Mrs Barcelon